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Anti-Aging Night Creams
Avon Ageless Results Overnight Renewing Cream PM

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Soft skin!


This goes on very smooth & has a very nice scent. It takes a few minutes to absorb but it did make my skin super soft! It helped soften the lines a bit but nothing major. Overall, though, it's a very good nighttime moisturizer.

Garner, NC


Ageless Results is great for any age!


I'm only 23 and I LOVE Avon Solutions Ageless Results Overnight Renewing Cream! I've been using it for over 2 years and I still have the same bottle. This stuff lasts FOREVER!! I put it on every night when I get out of the shower and wake up with amazing skin. If I ever have a blemish on my face before bed it's all cleared up when I wake up in the morning. I love it! I always feel confident knowing that I have Avon to help me look my best. I also think it's great that I can start using this now, and as I get older I'm protecting my skin. I've sold my entire family on this stuff and I"m going to make sure my daughter uses it too when she's ready. It seriously is miracle cream in a bottle and it gets rid of everything! There's no reason to buy a million creams with this. You'll save money and kill a million birds with one stone that will last you years. Definitely worth it! Call and Avon rep now!

Salem, OR


Avon Ageless Results Overnight Cream leaves my skin supple & sof


I've been using Avon Ageless Results Overnight Renewing Cream for quite some time now and I have been quite satisfied with it.  I am going to be turning forty in less than two weeks and I am always receiving compliments on how young I look which makes me feel great!  When I went to register my son for high school they thought I was there to register myself so how can I say anything bad about this night cream!  I don't like moisturizers that have a greasy feel and this one doesn't at all.  It is creamy and feels good on my skin!  When I wake up in the morning I still feel that my skin is soft and moisturized and these help with fine lines and wrinkles!  The price isn't bad either when compared to other wrinkle creams so that's one more reason to want to buy it!  Turning forty is a big deal but I am so proud to tell people my age because I feel good about the way I look!  That's what a good anti-aging cream should do for you!

Sierra Vista, AZ


Avon Ageless Results Overnight Renewing Cream PM

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