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Avon Advanced Techniques Mirror Shine Spray

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Mirror shine really works!!


I just use this product once so far and I have to say that it does work.  After shampoo, conditioner and style my hair. I spray the Mirror Shine and it gave my hair a shine.  Its not greasy or oily. It actually gave it a natural shine to it.  I was kind of leary because it was a Avon product but its has been 3 days since using and its still has that natural shine to it. 

Concord, NC


WOW! Great product


I really like this product.  I have super short, plum colored hair.  After styling my hair, I spray this on and my hair SHINES all day.  It enhances the beautiful color of my hair by adding a sheen to it.  I get compliments daily on my hair.  After using this spray, the compliments have doubled, literally.  It's a perfect addition to a stylish hairdo, and it gives the hair a fresh scent. My boyfriend said my hair has never felt softer.  Great product!

Tehachapi, CA


Adds 93% More Shine & Delivers Brilliance ALL DAY Long!


This is another one of my FAVORTIE Hair Care Products. I use it daily & love it! It works to it's full potential. Leaves hair with a GLOSSY Shine without the residue. Produces daily results with daily use. Adds 93% MORE Shine without leaving hair feeling weighed down. Contains Creatine plus technologically advanced shine silicones to deliver dazzling brilliance all day long. Also reduces static from blow drying or using a hair straightener. Smells wonderful too. Leaves hair feeling like you just walked out of a high priced salon!



Avon Advanced Techniques Mirror Shine Spray

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