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Avon Advanced Techniques Color Reviving Shampoo

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AT a shampoo for a better you


Avon's AT shampoo, changed the way I look at hair care in the mornings.  I used to suffer from hair that always seemed to be out of control.  After I started using AT color reviving shampoo, my color stays longer, my natural curley hair minds it's own business better and I am out the door much quicker.

Grove, OK


My color lasts


I have been using this shampoo for about 3 years now. I have never had a shampoo keep my color so well. The price is usually good as it is on sale often. I really like this stuff. I also use the conditioner after shampooing. I dye my hair with red highlights that can be hard to keep the color, and even my hair dresser is amazed at how well it stays in.

Barksdale Afb, LA


Avon's Advance Techniques Color Reviving Shampoo I love it.


Avon's Advance Techniques Color Reviving Shampoo. I have been using this shampoo for several years now and I love it. I get my hair done every three months and my hair dresser says my hair looks so healthy. She wants to know what I use and when I tell her she can't believe it. I swim almost everyday and the shampoo doesn't strip any color away just takes the chlorine out and leaves my hair soft and shiny. I could spend more but why!

Orangevale, CA


It really helps your color stay on!


I have been using this shampoo for years and it really does help my color stay longer.  I have switched shampoos to other brands like loreal's color saving shampoo and none of them work like this one.  My color can last up to two months and with other brands it seems like it only last two weeks.  I like the smell.  It is easier to buy products from the store but I find it worth it to go through Avon because for the price you are getting a product that is just as good as the expensive ones that come from the salon.  You really can't go wrong with this shampoo if you color your hair.

San Leandro, CA


Avon falls below some of the better-known brands.


Oh, Avon. Your bubble baths and makeup can usually pass as a great, inexpensive alternative to the pricer options available everywhere. Oh, and there's the convenience of your representatives' delivery to my front door. But shampoo for color treated hair is one place you just don't measure up. This shampoo doesn't do much but clean my hair each day. In fact, upon using it, I've found that my color fades pretty quickly. Being in college (and away from my hairdresser for months at a time), I need something that's both inexpensive, in a big bottle, and can save my hair in between colorings. Unfortunately, Avon's colored hair shampoo doesn't do much but save me money. My hair loses its color within one month, leaving it barely clinging to the expensive dye job for much of my semester. The bottles also don't hold up - I find my shampoo bottle caving in on itself within three squirts of shampoo! However, it isn't all bad. For the price, it does a decent job cleaning my hair. According to my boyfriend, it also makes my hair smell great, and he notices (and doesn't like it) when I switch shampoos. Additionally, my hair is generally soft with each use. I find that the softness stays through most of my days. For the price, it's a fine shampoo. Just don't count on it to really restore your color or bring out the best in your hair.

Harbor City, CA


Not as I expected, but better than the blonde advance technique


I recently switched the advanced techniques shampoo and conditioner I use from Avon to the Color Reviving Shampoo from the Blonde brand from Avon Advance Techniques. I noticed the blonde brand was making my hair so dry, I could see why you needed the conditioner in the tube to use with it, the blue stuff, that runs out really quick is the only way you could moisturize after that shampoo to get your hair managable agan. I tried the color techniques hoping that it would be better than the other I was using. It is better in terms of not drying out your hair, but I am still not seeing the amazing results that it promises to give to help your colored hair. I still prefer the other store brands on this Avon product. The conditioner that comes with it will not leave your hair silky smooth as promised either. This is just a combo I probably will not purchase again. I am looking for something that makes my hair shine and silky. This product just did not follow through on this.

Lees Summit, MO


Smells like I just stepped out of a salon!


I recently colored my hair, after it had been quite a while.  My color is great, and I want to protect it, so I tried Avon Advance Techniques Color Care Shampoo.  First, the scent is wonderful- smells just like what they use in the salon (which I think is Redken).  It's very creamy and makes a great lather.  You don't need to use a ton, either, making it a better deal.  I like how clean and soft my hair feels after it's washed in this shampoo.  I can trust that my color is going to stay true with this product.  There is a matching conditioner that I use as well.  Combined, these are a great choice for anyone with color treated hair.  I recommend leaving the shampoo on for just a minute so it soaks into all of your hair.  Then rinse and immediately apply the conditioner.  Your hair will look and smell great- which always makes me feel better.  I noticed my hair also styles really nicely when I use this shampoo!

Ballwin, MO


Avon Advanced Techniques Color Reviving Shampoo

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