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Avon Advance Techniques Shower Cap

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Avon's top-notch shower caps do double duty at my house!


Ruffles and flourishes don't make shower caps work.  **Avon's Advanced Techniques Shower Cap**, unadorned save for some pretty polkadots, cuts to the chase and keeps the dreaded Moisture Monster at bay.  This is especially important for someone with skinny, fine hair like mine.  Just a moment of moisture takes the curl out of my hair whether outside or in.  And there's nothing worse than saggy, *soggy* hair. Why did I describe myself as "a dog and cat Mama" in a shower cap review? Well... when my pooches need to take a potty break in the rain or on a foggy night, they eagerly wait until I agree to go out with them.  (Yes, they're spoiled.  Before we adopted them, they lived outdoors 24/7 in all kinds of weather.)  This excursion works best when I put on my **Avon Shower Cap** first.  Nothing penetrates this cap.  *Nothing!*   (If I'm walking in the neighborhood, I wear a hoody over this less-than-attractive cap arrangement.)  And all is happiness when we get back inside. More traditionally, I wear my cap when I take a bath or shower.  At first, the durable elastic edge pinches me, but this is a small concern considering the benefits.  Steam doesn't take my hair down, and, once again, *all is happiness*!  Soon, the pinchy elastic will ease up. The actually "bonnet" of the cap is spacious and, if I wanted, I could wear this cap with rollers in my hair.  Only in the beginning might the elastic band make putting the cap on problematic. The **Avon Advanced Techniques Shower Cap** can also be donned when working on make-up.  Advantages include direct focus on the face and far less likelihood of any lotions or potions getting on one's hair. What a deal for about two bucks!  


Los Angeles, CA


Avon Advance Techniques Shower Cap

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