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Avon Advance Techniques Intense Repair Overnight Elixir

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Avon comes out with a great hair elixir - then discontinues it!


***Quick View:*** I picked up a bottle of this elixir on sale and have now used it five or six times. It seems to work quite well and not leave my hair greasy or weighed down. It's a shame that Avon may be doing away with it! ***My Take on Avon Advance Techniques Intense Repair Overnight Elixir*** This hair repair elixir comes in a 3.3 ounce spray bottle. You are supposed to spray it on to dry hair at night and then shampoo as usual in the morning. The product is white and not super greasy. I need quite a bit if I want to do my whole head of long hair but I have been doing just the last one third of my hair where most of the damage and split ends are. I just spray enough to moisten my hair, not drench it, and then leave it in. I don't do this at bedtime, rather I do it a couple of hours before so it will have time to settle and dry a bit. I go to bed and then wash my hair as usual. The result is shinier, softer hair that looks better. My hair is not weighed down or greasy at all. **Avon Advance Techniques Intense Repair Overnight Elixir** doesn't leave stains on my pillowcases although I  use an old one when I use this product in case. So far I have seen no residue at all on them. I think those with very coarse or damaged hair could actually leave in a small amount of this product and their hair will be smoother and much less frizzy. I can't do that because I have long, straight, fine hair that demands volumnizing products. Still, I did use this on my dry hair one day while I was home and it really didn't look greasy. It looked like I had a styling product in my hair. **Avon Advance Techniques Intense Repair Overnight Elixir **washes out fine. I use one of my usual shampoos and then use a light conditioner and my hair really benefits. I am amazed to see that Avon may be discontinuing this product. They make so many average and below average products yet they stop making a really good one. Crazy. I am sure you can get** Avon Advance Techniques Intense Repair Overnight Elixir **on eBay and other places for quite a while. Many Avon sales reps have a backlog of products to sell. Pick one up if it sounds like it would benefit your hair! ***My Viewpoint*** I like **Avon Advance Techniques Intense Repair Overnight Elixir**. I don't have to sit around with thick goo on my hair then rinse it out and deal with greasy and weighed down hair. A few sprays of this product left in overnight and my hair looks great after shampooing. I really hope Avon brings it back in a different package or whatever because it truly is effective and I am REALLY picky about my hair. It was only a few bucks too. ***4 stars.*** Effectiveness The result is shinier, softer hair that looks better. My hair is not weighed down or greasy at all. Scent The scent is pleasant but generic. Not too strong and fades in time.

The heart of , NY


It sorta works


I have so many issues with my hair so i decided to buy Intense Repair Overnight Elixir, my friend sells avon so I decided to try it. First my hair is dry and frizzy. I got a perm few months ago and my hair is just gross looking to be honest. I am also using Moisture Sleek shampoo along with Intense Repair Overnight Elixir it does wonders for my hair. My hair is soo soft and no more frizzyness. update: it worked for a couple months and my hair just freaked out. I think cause i used it often. I threw it away after failed attempts.

Westminster, CO


Get Great Hair


My hair is long and it was very dry and damaged. I saw this product and thought waht can it hurt to try it. I'm so glad I did it works. I apply before bed and it heals the damage while I sleep. What more could you ask for. I highly recommend this product. I saw results the first time I used it

Bremen, KY


My dream hair in the morning!


Your dream hair is just a nights sleep away! I love Avons Overnight Elixir! It's so true about being just a sleep away. I have long hair and the ends dry out and get frizzy on me, especially in the winter! I add a few squirts to the palm of my hand and rub it into my hair concentrating on the ends. Then I brush my hair to spread out the product and go to bed. In the morning my hair is soft and no longer dried out or frizzy! I just want to touch my hair all the time now! It's so soft and it looks so much healthier than before. It has a nice shine and...I just love it! In the morning you can wash it out or leave it on longer for your nighttime shower.

Carrington, ND


Avon Advance Techniques Intense Repair Overnight Elixir

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