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Avon Advance Techniques Conditioners

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Avon's Advance Techniques Conditioner I love it.


Avon's Advance Techniques Conditioner, I use it every time I shampoo and I love it. It makes my hair soft and shiny and smelling great. I only have to use a small amount, leave it for a minute and the shine lasts for days. My hairdresser can't believe it's Avon but I've been using it since I started coloring my hair. At first it was the cost but now I use it because my hair is so healthy. Try it and I think you'll love just as much as I do!

Orangevale, CA


Avon Techniques is the no-nonsense technique.


Avon Techniques has conditioners for all hair types. I love it because it does not cost alot of money, but makes my hair feel so soft and manageable. I would recommend this to anyone.I consider myself to be a bargain shopper always searching for the best products at the best prices. I am an African American female with naturally curly hair, which can be very difficult to manage at times. I have found that most of the Avon Techniques products for hair work on my hair type, and really aids in getting rid of frizzes and making my hair easier to comb through. They have products to work with straight styles if you prefer to blow your hair straight with a blowdryer or curly styles if you prefer to tame your curls. The smell is my favorite feature, because it smells great, not too strong, and not fruity smelling. The conditioner is easy to wash out and does not leave a residue in your hair. This product is easily ordered on the Avon.com website.

Clinton, NC


Avon Advance Techniques Conditioner: Gets the hair job done


  Before Christmas a neighbor had put together Avon gift baskets with several products in a basket at a very reasonable price.  One basket had lots of hair products I thought my preteen daughter my enjoy trying.  She has very curly, very dry hair so we've experimented with many salon hair products and specialty hair conditioners. The product: The Advance Techniques Professional Hair Care Smoothing Conditioner says that it is for "all hair types" and comes in a 12 ounce bottle.  It dispenses from a standing flip top on the bottom bottle.  It is made in the U.S.A. and has a light but pleasant scent. Our experience: I tried it.  I only require a drop of conditioner as I have thick but individually fine and very straight hair.  It worked just fine to condition my hair.  It left it smooth and tangle free.  There was no miracle moment but no complaints either. My daughter tried it.  The Avon Advanced Techniques Smoothing Conditioner even tamed her dry, curly hair making it easier to comb.  The one observation she did make about the Avon conditioner was the felt she had to use a little more of it than she did with salon brands to get the same results. We both agreed that even though she needed to use a little more of this Avon conditioner, that for the price it was a good deal and a pleasant to use product.  We'll buy Avon Advance Techniques Moisture Sleek Conditioner again. 

Big Island, VA


Advance Tech.Body Building Conditioner says "Hello Model Hair"


"I could tell immediately -- while still in the shower -- that this stuff was gonna work. And sure enough, after using this and the corresponding shampoo, my hair looked & felt MUCH fuller. I feel like a moron for spending so much money over the years on fancy brands that don't work nearly as well. Thanks Avon!"  After using this product i feel like i have Model Hair! Its full of volume, body, and just luxurious! Thanks Avon!"

Hartland, WI


Avon Advance Techniques Conditioners

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