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Shampoo for Color-Treated Hair
Avon Advance Techniques Color Protection

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No fading or dulling of my hair dye!


I really enjoy the fragrance and texture of Avon's Advance Techniques Color Protection shampoo and conditioner. I use these products daily and get wonderful results. My hair feels clean without residue. My hair behaves and holds a curl when I use the conditioner. The scent is wonderful but not overwhelming. When I use perfume the scent of the shampoo and conditioner doesn't end up competing with it. I dye my hair every six to eight weeks and this shampoo helps keep the color from fading or dulling for the whole time. I use a semi-permanent dye (Clairol Nice and Easy) and the color lasts until my next dye job. The color remains shiny and consistent for a full eight weeks. The bottles are generous but the bottle opening is too big and sometimes the bottle will fall over when resting on its lid. Effectiveness Avon's Advance Techniques Color Protection shampoo and conditioner leave my hair clean and shiny while saving my hair dye for a full eight weeks. Scent Smells great!



Another great shampoo from Avon


This stands up to any other really good shampoo for colored hair. It does a great job protecting your color -- I mean, a noticeably great job and it gives your hair a good bounce and shine too. Effectiveness Works very well. No complaints. It really does what it says it will, and that goes a long way today! Scent Very pleasant and clean. Not too much (overpowering) and not too little (dull). A really good scent.



My hair feels really healthy


I have used Avon's color protection shampoo for years, with no desire to change it. My hair feels & look very healthy, soft, and shiny. Also, its a very good deal for the price, especially when it is on sale. The home delivery service is exceptional.

Phoenix, AZ


Really does leave your hair soft and smooth feeling!


AVON Advance Techniques Color Protection really does leave your hair feeling soft and smooth. I have not noticed any build up and it does not weigh my hair down (which is great because i have tried other products for color treated hair and most of them made my hair look flat and oily). I have only been using it for 3 weeks and I use the matching conditioner. I have not noticed any color fading with my hair.

Hammond, IN


Avon Advance Techniques Color Protection

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