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Avon Anew Retroactive Repair Cream

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It works great!


I stumbled upon this avon's retroactive repair cream  when I was about forty years old about  Eight years ago.  I have used other anti aging creams since then, and have found out that this one works the best.  I have tried between ten and fifteen creams.  the ones I tried were other brands that were trustworthy such as lancome, estee lauder, loreal, revlon,Roc,clean and clear deep wrinkle serum, garnier nutrioniste skin renew anti-sun damage daily moisture lotion and a few others that i can't remember. I believe that Avon works the best.  I need to go on to the more extensive one now that I am 48.  I notice a big change when I don't use the avon anew retroactive repaire cream.  I even noticed a change with the other creams that I used, but Avon beat them all and it is priced well.  Sometimes avon gives you some free products with your purchase of the avon retro active renewel cream, or sometimes you get it on sale, which is a great price anyway, and most of the time it's on sale, so you are getting a great buy.  I am going to use mypoints to make all of my avon purchases from now on, because.  You get a tons of points when you do, I think it's about a thousand points.  It's well worth it.  you get a double bonus.  I highly recomend Avon's reto active renewel cream.  It's Great      

Bloomfield, NJ


Avon's Retroactive Day is a good product for the price.


I use the Avon Retroactive Day Cream every morning.  I use the Avon Retroactive Night Cream at night, especially after removing any make up I may have used during the day.  I suffer from redness of the skin, on both my forehead and nose.  I spend lots of time outside, living in Florida.  I try to exercise daily, taking one hour walks.  I also volunteer groom rescued horses on Saturdays which is done outside.  So, I get lots of Florida sun exposure. The Avon Retroactive day cream has helped protect me from the Florida sun.  I believe it contains SPF 30, so I don't have to also apply a sun screen.  I also use Avon's Bug Guard on my arms and legs.  It also contains SPF 30, so it protects against both harmful sun rays as well as insects, when volunteer grooming. I have tried other face moisturing products like Olay and Pond's.  In my opinion, neither of them (in particular) provides the protection at the price I can afford.  Also, I really like the convenience of having my product delivered.  My Avon representative is extremely helpful and knowledgeable about many Avon facial products.  I appreciate her expertise.

Ormond Beach, FL


Great product for the price.


I started using this wonderful product from Avon about two to three months ago. Since then I have noticed a significant and positve improvement of my skin's appearance. The fine lines around my mouth seem slightly less noticeable. My pores appear much smaller and my skin tone seems alot more even. This product works so much better than any other similiar anti-aging products I've tried in the same price range.  Because it's an Avon product there is a very good chance you can always catch it on sale sooner than later. Avon's retroactive youth extending night cream has also made my face feel a whole lot more softer and smoother to the touch. It only takes a little dab to cover your entire face and neck. I also apply to rub a little on my chest. Just a little of this cream goes a long way. This product is made in the U.S.A. so you can feel good about buying and using it. I believe that buying products made in the U.S.A. is more important now than ever.

Bardstown, KY


ANEW Retroactive is an excellent moisturizer


ANEW retroactive repair cream is a good moisturizer.  It is not too heavy and it good to use on the entire face and neck.  It absorbs quickly and works well under make up.  It does not have any SPF protection so you need an additional sunblock or SPF protection in your make up.  This is not heavy enough to be used as an eye cream, I use a separate eye cream with it.  I don't use this product anywhere near my eyes because it burns terribly if it gets in the eye.  It has a light clean scent.  It comes in a beautiful glass container comparable to a department store product.  The container is pretty (if you leave your products out in your bathroom it is a good choice).  It does not work well for travel since it is heavy glass.  It is also very difficult to repackage the product for travel and the opening in the top is about 1/2 the size of the width of the container so it is extremely difficult to get the last of the product out.  Overall it is a good product and would work well for younger women looking for a good daily moisturizer.

Concord, NC


Avon Anew Retroactive Repair Cream

4.3 4