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Avon Anew Alternative Intensive Eye Cream AM/PM

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just ok


Moisturized, but didn't do anything special, no miracles here. Absorption It absorbed great, a little seemed to go a long way and it didn't burn my skin or irritate my eyes. It was a nice product that moistened the eye area Doesn't Clog Pores I had no irritation or pores that clogged, It didn't cause any blemishes around the fatty part of the outer eye cheek bone area or in the brow area. I use my eye creams and serums on my lips also, the skin around the lips, the skin that puckers and gets lines, this product was moisturizing but I don't think it helped this problem either. Effectiveness I wouldn't say it did much of anything. It was a fine daily moisturizer, kept the skin around the eye looking moist and not dry and cracked after you put on your foundation or powder but as far as being some product that will repair or perform some kind of damage control from exposure or aging I would say no. It does not hold up to the claim Avon touts.



Avon Eye Cream smoothes the skin under and around the eyes


Being a busy mom, my fight against aging must be fast and easy.  Avons Eye Cream is a fast easy way for busy women to reduce the signs of aging under and around the eyes.  After cleansing my face early morning I apply the eye cream and continue with my daily make up application. After cleansing at night I apply the cream a little heavier for while I sleep. Avons eye cream is not greasy and it does not cause any breakouts on my sensitive skin.  After two weeks of using Avons eye cream people began to ask me if I had changed my make up.  One person stated that my eyes looked brighter. The only change I have made is to use Avons eye cream daily, in the morning and at night. I have tried other wrinkle or anit aging creams in the past and most were heavy and did not give the results I have received over the last two months of using Avons Eye Cream.  The price is far below any of the other creams I has used in the past also.  Give Avons anti aging product a try, you will be pleasantly surprises.  

Warren, MI


not worth the money


I tried this until it was all used up, I saw no differenance in this then I did in the discount store brands. The two sided wand was a bit confusing and after about three uses it was hard to get out of the container.

Glen Rose, TX


notice a difference right away


I was real leary about using this product as I have tired so many different eye cremes that all claim to help miminize fine lines but none of them that I used I could not tell a change no matter how long I continued to us it and I used it just like I was suppose to and was so faithful in using it.  I finally gave up and told my self you I just going to have to live with these eye lines and I had to realize that I was just getting older.  My niece who sells Avon talked me into trying Avon's Anew eye creme, she told me if I didn't know any difference she would buy it back form me.  So I was still relucent to purchase it but told my self it was my niece and I knew she would not lie to me.  I was not that excited when I got my Anew eye creme but thought oh what the heck go ahead and use it you sure don't have anything to loose.  As soon as I started to use it I said to myself (I think I see a difference) I continued to use it and I noticed fine lines were gone.  I became true believer, I will never use anything again. I could be a spokesman for their eye creme.

Winside, NE


Sad to see it go


I grew up with Avon. My grandmother has been a rep since I was 2. So I have tried almost all of their products through the years. It seems like everytime they put out a product I like, they stop. Including this one. I believe they are discontinuing it. Needless to say it is a great product. I use it with the Planet Spa greek seas soothing eye treatment, which is a gel. As part of my morning routine I use the gel first then apply the Anew under my eyes and lightly on my lids. You only need a pin head size dab to do your whole eye. There is an instant tightening, my dark circles have also disappeared. All around my eyes just look better, the bags are definetly less packed! I think it is ashame that they may discontinue this eye cream, it is the best of all the Anew eye creams I have tried. It doesn't burn my eye, it's not greasy, and it soaks in quick for an immediate firming feeling. If you can get it, stock up on it. I am going to order as many as I can before they are all gone!

Dover, DE


this product makes your skin feel wonderful


I have been using Avon anew products for years.  I have found that for the money they are the best products to be found.  The Anew Alternative Intensive Eye treatment has made my skin firmer, smoother and more youthful looking in a very short time.  It absorbes into your skin so it does not leave a greasy film.  Your skin feels moisturized, nourished and looks glowing.  I have tried many expensive department store age creams and I always come back to Avon ANEW products.  At 1/3 of the cost you have a better product and a company that stands behind it.  I also like the added benefit of the 25 SPF sun protection for as we all know the thing that ages our skin the most is the sun. 

Paducah, KY


The best eye cream


I have been using Avon's Anew Alternative Eye Cream for about 8 years now and can't live without it.  I have very sensitive skin and this product does not irritate my skin.  I mostly use in in the morning before I put my make up on.  It visibally reduces puffiness and dark circles.  I've always had dark circles under my eyes and this is the only product I can say reduced the visibility of the dark circles.  My eyes also look brighter and less tired when using this product.  I can't say if this product reduces wrinkles because I really don't have that many around my eyes.  But, if you have puffy eyes or dark circles you want to reduce, this is teh product for you.

Gilbert, AZ


I don't like it, see no difference.


The Avon ANEW ALTERNATIVE Intense care Eye Cream AM/PM does not worked for me at all. Avon says that the result will be a brighter and young looking skin around the eyes but after using the whole product i do not see any difference and i only have fine lines around my eyes. Avon affirms that there is a new technology applied in this product in order to attack the major signs of dark circles around the eyes but it was a huge dissappointment. I used this crem at morning and again at night as recomended by the manufacturer but once again it does not deliver the results apromised.

Hollywood, FL


Avon Anew Alternative Intensive Eye Cream AM/PM

3.3 8