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Anti-Aging Night Creams
Avon Anew Alternative Intensive Age Treatment PM

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Great night moisturizer


Avon's Alternative night renewal cream is really good stuff. I have been using it for about a month now. I don't have any wrinkles to see disappear, but it sure leaves my skin feeling really good and is real soft in the morning. Lightly scented. Very creamy but distributes well.

Garden City, MO


Anew ALternative Intesive Age Treatment is wonderful!


I bought this as a sample to try.  I had some small brown aging spots from the sun.  This really did help in toning them down.  I love the way it makes my face feel after I put it on at night.  It's not greasy or oily.  It does have an odor to it, but I got use to it fast.  Otherwise, I will be adding this to my normal daily routine to combate the aging process.  The other thing is that if you try the product an it doesn't seem to work for you, then you can always trade what is left for another product or credit.  I have tried the expensive products and they don't offer these types of benefits.  Also, there is a product line that is made for just your age group that focuses on what is really the most common aging problems.  Being 37 mine is fine lines around the eyes and mouth.  Also, bags under the eyes from not enough sleep.  They entire line is worth purchasing.  Plus, depending on how much you actually put on, you can make them last for a couple of months 

Half Way, MO


avon anew alternative intensive age treatment PM


well first and for most anything from Avon is a miracle. I mean Avon sure can work magic. especially it's facial cremes and things of that sort. when i first used this stuff i thought it wasn't going to work but in due time it surely did. my face started to unwrinkle and it just worked out all the kinks in my face that had me looking so old. Avon is a blessing it makes me look a hundred times better than i had in the past few years. i feel like im a teenager all over again. No more baggy eyes and i don't have to worry about that for sure now when i wake up its just nice smooth skin. my husband even gives me compliments and thats on the daily basics. its so nice to have a smooth face. my bestfriend ashley whom i have befriend with ten years ago even is asking me whats the magic trick? and i say its avon, and you have to check them out. there great. from every detail. i will be happy to say this ending it at this that avon has my vote.

Marion, SC


Anew Alternative Intensive Age Treatment PM works beautifully


Avon Products have an excellent reputation for their skincare products, and Anew Alternative Intensive Age Treatment PM is one of the reasons why.  I do not sell Avon, nor do any of my friends or family, so this endorsement does not profit me in any way.  I am a mother of three on a very tight budget, so I have to be very choosy about anything that I buy, especially a "luxury" item (defined as anything for myself).  This cream is definitely worth the expense. As a 45 year old woman with a fair complexion living in Georgia, my skin has suffered a lot from sun exposure and tends to be very dry and fragile.  When I tried Anew Alternative, the first thing I noticed was the scent, which is important to me.  This cream has a light, pleasant scent.  It does not feel greasy or heavy, and absorbs evenly into the skin.  I was not aware of it on my face during the night.  After only one night of using this cream, I noticed that my skin felt softer, smoother and firmer than it had the day before.  With subsequent use, I not only felt and saw marked improvement in my skin, but other people started noticing.  I got a lot of comments that I was looking more rested, or people thinking I had put on makeup when I hadn't.  I am very thankful for the results of this cream, and intend to continue to use it.

Kennesaw, GA


Thick and dry but does the job


**Avon ANEW ALTERNATIVE Intensive Age Treatment PM has a very applealing color and not too terrable of a smell but it goes on a little thick.  Using this Avon product makes me feel as if I am cloggin my pores when I apply it.  I feel as if it is clumping onto my skin like a concealer of some kind, though that is not at all its purpose.  I am not sure if it is really working but I also feel that this is how it works.  There is not a huge result when it comes to mousterising my skin either; I feel as if it is a chore to get it all on my face and neck; it almost sticks to my fingers a little.  But I love feeling plump, fresh and mousterised when I use an anti-aging product so this is my main complain - it lacks the ability to make my skin feel fresh, new and clean.  I feel as if when I lay down on my white pillow, when I wake up in the morning I will see some pale stains fromt he product there when i wake up but this has not occured - it really is not as bad as I make it sound but still significant to me.  I feel this product does what it is advertising but it is just a no-no for those who perfer a cool feeling or clean feeling moisterising anti-aging beauty product.  I would suggest tring a sample product before getting the big bottle.**

Monroe Township, NJ


Anew Alternative Intensive Age Treatment PM


Anew Alternative Intensive Age Treatment Pm is a product from Avon that I truly love and believe in. I've been using since product first came out and within a week could feel a difference. My skin felt smoother and firmer. I had no skin reactions the smell of the product is not offensive and is made with natural ingredients. May be purchased online at or through an Avon representative. The product is inexpensive in comparison to other anti ageing treatments. I hope this helps if deciding to try.

Longview, TX


Anon Anew PM Treatment not worth it


My friend at work starting selling Avon so I figured I'd give this a try.  I have sensitve skin and have even seen a dermatologist several times.  This product was built up so much in the Avon catalog I decided to try it.  I'm sorry to say that I did not notice one bit of difference.  I used the entire contents hoping every morning I would notice something, anything; but not one bit of difference.  In addition, I did not like the fragrance.  I do not like smells; especially at night before bed.  My husband even kept asking "What do you have on - it smells."   Honestly ladies, if you want to try this, I suggest asking your Avon Reprensative for a sample of it first.

Youngstown, OH


Avon Anew Intensive Treatment, act your age, but don't look it


Why do I love Avon Anew Intesive Age Treatment because it undoes the damage that I do to my skin.  Many of us have very hectic lives and we might not always wear a moisturizer with and SPF to protect our skin from the harmful rays of the sun.  Or perhaps we forget to take off our makeup before going to bed.  All of these factors contribute to the damage we do to our skin.  With Anew it's like we are turning back the hands of the clock and letting the healing begin.  Anew combines Eastern plant therapies with advanced Western technology to create a breakthrough in herbaceutical science. This powerful fusion stimulates the skins reparative healing ability to fight and even undo the signs of aging. You will see your lines and wrinkles visibly diminishing right before your very own eyes. Your youthful contours are restored as if your skin traveled back in time into your 20's.  You will see how firm and elastic your skin becomes and it even fades dark spots.  How can you not try a product that offers you all of these great things.  You simplly use this cream nightly after cleansing your face and before you moisturize it.  The very next morning I noticed the appearance of my fine lines around my eyes and lips.  I dare you to compare Avon Anew to the more expensive department store creams, I promise you will be amazed and will be paying a fraction of the cost, which is great nowadays since the economy is not doing so well.  Pick one up today and I promise you will love it!

West New York, NJ


Avon Anew Alternative Intensive Age Treatment PM

4.4 8