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Avent SCF255/33 Electric Bottle & Baby Food Warmer

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Avent Electric Bottle Warmer


The Avent Electric Bottle Warmer is the second bottle warmer I've owned. I previously had a first years bottle warmer for my first child five years ago and at the time it worked just fine. Being that I have always been an Avent bottle user I was happy to learn that Avent came out with their own bottle warmer. It is much easier to use as far as figuring out how much liquid to add to warmer. You have to play around with how much time it takes to warm your bottle though. On the setting recommended to heat formula, it takes two full cycles to heat up my four ounce bottle. Sometimes when baby is crying it feels like forever but is still much faster than old fashion heating the bottle up in a pot of water. Bottle warmers are very convenient and they allow you to bring them to other people's houses for easy heating. This is perfect for Avent bottles which I always had a problem finding a warmer that would hold them because of their width.


Staten Island, NY


Quick and Easy!


I absolutely love our bottle warmer!  We have had it for nearly seven years and are using it now for our fourth child!  It fits most sizes of bottles.  We first used the "normal" tall, thinner bottles.  For our fourth child she would only take a wider bottle (short and wide) and those still fit just fine.  It does not require much water in it, but make sure to change the water after a day as it gets cloudy if you leave it in there for a while (kind of gross).  It has three settings for heating.  If baby is hungry RIGHT NOW, I use setting #3 as it heats up the quickest.  If baby is just fussing, then I'll put it on setting #1 so it will be heated slowly as she wakes up.  I tend to use the third setting the most often.  But do not forget about it, as it heats very quickly (under a few minutes).  I love that it heats so quickly, because when my kids are hungry, they want to eat NOW.  I also like that it heats up baby food, but I rarely used it for that with our third child.  I will try to do it all the time versus a microwave as I don't like how microwaves can change the food, but that's for another story.  I recommend this to ANY mom who plans on bottle feeding.  I put breastmilk in the bottle to warm up.  But I am sure it would work just fine for formula also.


Mankato, MN


The Avent Express bottle warmer is great!


The Avent Express bottle warmer is great! I used this warmer for 12 months and it still works great!  I used it for avent bottles, but it fits most bottles.  It is very small, and takes up very little counter space. The avent bottle warmer, warms the bottles up very quickly even from a refrigerated temperature. This is an excellent purchase for the new mom to be!


Levittown, PA


The Avent bottle warmer was a MUST HAVE!!!


This product was a must have for both of my boys.  I didn't want to warm the bottle in the microwave and the Avent bottle warmer did the trick.  You have to play with it to see how long you need to leave in the bottle for the amount of formula in it but it works really well.  Don't forget to clean out the base from time to time.  I would recommend this product to any mother!  


Smyrna, GA


Avent SCF255/33 Electric Bottle & Baby Food Warmer

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