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Avent Microwave Bottle Sterilizer

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Avent Bottle Sterilizer


I think the Avent bottle sterilizer is great! It allows easy, fast sterlization of my bottles, and today I am going to use i to sterilize my pacifiers and breast pump parts as well. If you want it to sterilize the number of bottles it claims to sterilize, its like a jigsaw puzzle to try to fit all the pieces in it, you definitely have to follow the diagram the first time, but it did fit al 6 4oz bottles in it with all the parts, so in 4 minutes I had it all done! The fact that it is much quicker than boiling water is awesome. I think this is a great product for busy moms and dads and give me peace of mind that the bottles are cleaner than if I had hand washed them-- and in less time, you can't beat that!


Augusta, NJ


I ended up using the Avent Bottle Sterilizer all the time


I am an extremely budget and value conscious mom, so I was skeptical about purchasing a steam sterilizer because I thought heating my bottles and pump supplies in boiling water would be enough. But I am very glad that I found one for a good price and decided to purchase it. I was surprised how convenient it was, and how much I needed convenience as a busy working mom! I am a working mom who also was determined to breastfeed her child for 12 months. This means that everyday I had several sets of bottles and pump supplies to clean and/or sterilize. Rinsing everything and throwing it into the microwave sterilizer made clean up much more manageable. And I had the piece of mind that the items were clean. I have also heard of moms using the Quick Clean Micro Steam Bags which also seems convenient to use, especially at work. But I preferred using something that could be reused over and over again because I felt it was ultimately better for the environment.


Los Angeles, CA


Quick and easy bottle sterilizer!


I was given this bottle sterilizer as a baby shower gift, and I loved the fact that it would sterilize not only my bottles, but my pump parts as well!  Less wasteful than the medela steam sterilize bags, this hard plastic sterilizer required only water and a microwave to get bottles and breast pump parts sterile. And all under 5 minutes as well!  The only drawback was that it allowed buildup of condensation in my pump parts, which then had to air-dry before I could use them, so this somewhat negated the effects of sterilization, but since it did kill anything that had been present in the wash water, and I do not own a dishwasher, it was a nice thing to have.  I love that I don't have to boil water, or deal with fishing bottles and parts in and out of a pan, just place them on a rack, fill the sterilizer with water, pop it in the microwave and I'm all done!  This even worked in our small camper microwave, so while it appeared huge, it was in fact, fairly compact!


Westwego, LA


Avent Microwave Bottle Sterilizer

5.0 3