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Avent Isis On The Go Set

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easy to use pump


This pump was great while I was breast feeding.  It's case made it convient and less embarrasing when I took it to the bathroom.  The bottles screwing right to it makes things very convient, no dumping or bags required.  I like the manual pump so you can set your own pace.  Easy to take apart and clean, even comes with an extra little white part which was good since I lost it down the garbage disposal one day while washing.  I highly recommend this pump.

Sauk Rapids, MN


great product for working mom


this was the only breast pump i have used, but i give it a big thumbs up. i used it from the moment myself and the baby came home from the hospital. we had a little difficulty with the direct to breast, but he was great with the bottle, so we went for that course of action. he had nothing but breastmilk until i started to go dry after only 2 months. if my job hadn't gotten in the way, we would have gone longer with it, but dried up because i didn't get sufficient time to use the pump. but i will defenetly use this same one again for future children. with it coming in it's own case with ice packs, you can store your pumped milk

Creve Coeur, IL


not a fan


I bought the ISIS pump on the go set for using at work in spring of 2007 when I went back to work after having my son for use at work and when out of town and it worked wonderfully for a couple weeks. Then it got where I had to boil the peices every time I used it for them to fit correctly. I talked to avent about it maybe being defective and they said it wasn't that boiling continuely was the only solution to the issue of the peices not fitting correctly, to boil them inbetween every use- not very good when using it for work. I told them so and they agreed, and weren't at all suprised by my complaint and the woman I talked with said it was a common one. If I didn't boil them between EVERY use the peice in the suction chamber expecially would pop off and the piece over the suction cup would not fit and seal well at all. I got so that I didn't even use that peice and you know how uncomfortable that is. I even bought a second one cause I thought maybe I just got bad fitting/made peices, but the second one did the same thing after a couple of weeks. I was really disappointed with this product. After months of this I ended up buying a Lansinoh manual pump when out of town without baby for a couple days once and that was all we could find at the store in the small town my in laws live in. It was much cheaper then the avent and didn't fit the avent bottles we love, but I never had any problems with it other then that. So I ended up switching to it because the inconveinence of it not fitting the bottles we use was far less then the inconviences of the rediculous upkeep to use the avent manual pump.

Columbia, MO


great pump i really liked avant


Okay with my first child I seriously wasn't sure what kind of breast pump to use...i figured and electrical one would be the way to go it seemed so much easier (which I never found out)...once I priced out the electric pumps I figured Id give a manual pump a shot :P really no option for me as I was weirded out at the thought of renting one.  I actually really enjoyed this pump. It is super easy to use, fairly easy to put together, and fairly easy to clean...although there is a tiny little part that is really easy to loose when you take it apart to clean...which i did once but it did come with a spare that i was more careful with. the cushion cup part was also comfortable, It is easy and handy enough that you can use it with one hand and is really nice to pump the opposite side your baby is feeding from if he/she only wants to eat from one side at a time which mine always did. I felt it really encouraged great milk production as I emptied both sides at each feeding. I really liked this product and would recommend it. I also liked the travel case for this and the bottles and everything are great.

Janesville, WI


If you're looking for a manual pump, this is a good one


I received an avent manual breast pump just before the birth of my first child.  I didn't register for an electric breast pump because they were so expensive!  Knowing now what I wish I had known then, I would have registered for the electric one.  They are just so much more convenient to use and less work! All this being said, this pump does what it is supposed to do.  It can be difficult to get "latched on" just right and more difficult to relax enough to get a steady flow.  My hands would often get tired of squeezing and it was a lot to concentrate on when you are really supposed to be trying to relax! I will say that I was able to get quite a bit of milk in not too much time, especially early on in my breastfeeding.  I could get a couple of ounces in no time.  I didn't have too much issue with this pump.  I found that it worked better for me without the "flower"  I needed more suction and it didn't allow that. The carrying case was nice so you could have everything in one convenient place and not have to look all over to find the pieces that you needed. Overall if you want a manual pump this will get the job done but if you have the money or are debating, go with an electirc pump.  I personally like the Ameda Purely Yours brand.

Whitehouse, OH


Loved this pump!! Saved time and money...


This is one of the best pumps that I have found!!  It's a great value for the money, and lasts a long time.  It's easy to assemble, easy to clean, and works great.  It comes with a great carry case, is very lightweight and easy to carry around. The pump itself - I love the flex pedals, they seem to help me relax and let down.  However, for those who don't like the pedals - you can remove them and not use them!  It gives you the flexibility to decide what is most comfortable to you.  Before finding this pump, I tried numerous others and found no success with them.  I was unable to get myself to let down.  With this pump, I was able to let down quickly and pump out quickly.  I found this pump better than most electric pumps!

Monticello, MN


I donated a gallon of milk pumped by the Avent Isis.


I loved Avent's manual breastpump and used it for about a year. My daughter nursed exclusively and never had a sip of formula, and I definitely owe that to finding the right pump. I felt the suction was perfect for activating my let-down reflex and then quietly and comfortably filling a bottle. The little experience I did have with electric pumps did not convince me that they are much more effective or fast. Assemly can be tricky. There aren't a lot of parts, but they have to go together perfectly, or there won't be any suction. The most common mistake seems to be misplacement of a tiny, star-shaped valve. Common sense tells the user to put it star-side down in the appropriate hole, but you must deny that urge and place it star-side up if you want it to work. Whenever I hear that somebody tried this pump and couldn't get it to make any suction, I am dying to ask if they placed that valve correctly. Of course I don't, because that would be rude, but make sure you place the star-shaped valve correctly before using the pump.  The on the go set comes with a nice carrying case, some ice packs, and bottles. I really only used the bottles, since I was a stay-at-home mom and usually pumped while laying in my own bed. This pump is a good size to fit inside a diaper bag, or even a large purse. I'm very pleased I found something so convenient and inexpensive that worked so well for me. When my daughter was a year old and eating table foods, I donated a gallon of frozen milk because I knew we would never use it. Every ounce was pumped by the Avent Isis.

Escondido, CA


Avent Isis On The Go Set

4.1 7