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Avent Iq24 Electronic Steam Sterilizer

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Quick and easy to use


I'm glad that I bought this sterilizer. On work days, we run it 1-2 a day and it's quick and easy, taking 6 minutes each run. We still need to pre-wash the bottles because the milk fat leaves it feeling greasy, but with the sterilizer I'm confident that the bottles are as clean as can be. I use Medela bottles (5 oz and 8 oz) and Medela breastpump parts. I haven't had any problems filling this with 6 bottles and one set of breast pump accessories. Being a first-time mom, I was concerned about having to purchase distilled water and how much we would use. With our baby in 4 days of daycare, we use about 1 gallon of distilled water a month and it costs us about 85 cents a gallon at our local grocery store.


Ann Arbor, MI


The Avent Steam Sterilizer is very easy to use


The Avent Steam Sterilizer came in super handy after I had my baby. At times, I needed a binky or a bottle super quick and it was so convenient to be able to throw whatever I needed into the sterilizer and in just a few short minutes everything was clean and ready to go. The sterilizers fits 6 avent bottles perfectly, plus you can fix the lids to the bottles, and a few binkies! It does get super hot, so you do have to wait and few minutes before taking the stuff out - or just be really careful. You do have to have the bottles washed before use - this does not wash the bottles. This was great to have while on vacation with no dishwasher, so I could be sure by bottles bottles were clean and sterilized. I have also fit other brands of bottles in this sterilizer. Other brands don't fit as perfectly as the Avent ones, of course, but you can really sterilize anything in this great contraption. This is well worth the money!


Spanish Fork, UT




If you wanna save a lot of time cleaning your baby's bottles, try this one!!! Avent Iq24 Electronic Steam Sterilizer is the best bottle sterilizer EVER!! Although this product is much more expensive than a microwave sterilizer, I am sure you do not want to buy a cheap one and end up finding it is just not so good. With a microwave sterilizer, you need to watch out if it fits into your microwave oven, and you have to measure the time for sterilizing, and you cannot use your microwave oven when your baby's bottles are being sterilized! But with a electronic steam sterilizer, things are much easier! Put in the rack and bottles and other little things you need to sterilize, add water, then just push some buttons and wait for the sterilizer to work itself. That's terrific! And the avent iq24 electronic steam sterilizer has 2 modes for you to choose, one is to keep things clean for 6 hours, the other is to keep things clean for 24 hours and it automaticlly sterilize again once every 6 hours. So it saves you a lot of time and effort!


Madison, WI


The Advent Steam Sterilizer is great!


I purchased the Advent Steam Sterilizer when I was pregnant with my twins and was greatly impressed!  I love that it's always ready.  Just put the allotted amount of water in and start filling with bottles, nipples, passifiers,  teethers, or whatever else needs sterilized.  Set the program and it begins.  When it's done you have everything free of germs.  It has several settings like you could program it to run after 6 or 8 hours or something but I only used the one that you ran immediately, just whenever I would fill the machine.  It does take up counter space but that was one thing I liked about it, I didn't have to search for parts and put it together every time I needed to use it, which was pretty often.  Then as my babies grew I still used it to sterilize sippy cups and small toys.  I had planned on using a microwave sterilizer but when I got it, it wouldn't fit in my microwave oven, so I took it back and decided to purchase the Advent.  It was a little more expensive but I thought it was well worth the money!


Chesapeake, OH


Easy to use, saves time


The Phillips Avent electronic steam sterilizer has saved me a lot of time especially during the first few month after having a baby.  Pediatricians now say that sterilizing bottles are not necessary but for one....I am a bit anal when it comes to things that go directly into my son's mouth - especially when he was a newborn.  Plus, all pacifiers and bottles ALWAYS instruct you to sterilize the nipples before first use.  My son is now 9 months and I still sterilize his bottles.  I only do this because the electronic steam sterilizer makes it so easy!  All I need to do it placed the bottles in the rack, nipples on the removeable top rack, pour in some distilled water, press the button twice (once quicky and then another time holding it down for about 5 seconds) and I don't have to worry about it again!  If you don't open it, everything will stay sterile until you are ready to use.  Some people may think that it is annoying that you need distilled water but honestly it doesn't use up that much.  During the last 9 months I've only been through 3 one gallon distilled water bottles so it really isn't that much of a hassle.  All and in all...if you plan to sterilize your this one!


Chicago, IL


Avent Iq24 Electronic Steam Sterilizer

4.8 5