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Avent Formula Dispenser and Snack Cup

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If you are a powdered formula user, this is a must have!


I never used powdered formula with my first child. By the time I had my second child, I had heard so many great things about how convenient the powder is. I decided to use it and that's all I've used since. my daughter does not take that much formula so ready to feed doesn't always make sense. This powder dispenser is great for the diaper bag andits also great for when babies are very small and still waking up during the night. You can premeasure before you go out or go to bed and all you have to do is fill the bottle with water and pour from one slot in then dispenser. It is easy to clean as well. The only con is that I wish it had more than three slots for longer trips away from home. Lugging formula around can be a pain. This can also carry other things as well when you are on the go, premeasured baby cereals, portioned out gerber puffs, etc. I don't think I would have puchased this if it didn't come with the starter set and I would have never known the true convenience this product provides, If you are on the fence about it, go for it,


Staten Island, NY


A must have


I only wish I knew about this product when my son was a baby. For the mommy's out there that are always on the go, this is the perfect thing for you. I have purchased this for 2 of my girlfriend's for each of their baby shower's and they both have said that this is the one thing that they could not live with out. The Avent dispenser is easier to carry around unlike the big bulky can of formula and holds up to 3 feedings. The plastic that it is made from is very durable and helps to keep the powdered formula fresh for days. The Avent dispenser can also be used to carry things like small snacks and baby cereal for when you are on the go. I like that you can turn the cap so that it can be accessible to all three single-serve compartment's without the top coming off or with out spilling any of the formula. The pourable spout is big enough for the cereal to be poured out in a fast manner but small enough that it fits directly into the baby bottle for a no-spill, quick n easy pour. I would recommend this product more for smaller babies as the compartments only hold 2-3 scoops of formula.


Palm Bay, FL


The Avent Formula Dispenser is a must-have for the mom on the go


We got the Avent Formula Dispenser when my oldest was born 6 years ago. Since then it has been used for our other 2 daughters as well and has been a great way to tote around formula as well as little snacks (cheerios, puffs, etc.) when they're old enough to eat snacks, but still too young to eat "regular" food. My only piece of advice would be to make sure that the opening is directly over a section of the cup and not straddling 2 sections, as this can cause the formula to spill over from one section to the other, throwing off your measurements for making a bottle. Obviously, this is not a problem for snacks. We loved this product so much, we got 2 of them! One for formula and one for snacks. I love that you can store enough formula for 4 bottles and the compartments are big enough to keep enough snacks for 1 baby for a full day. Since we take day trips pretty regularly, this is a very nice feature for our family. A definite must-have for the mom on the go!


Wheeling, IL


GREAT product, multiple uses


This is a great product.  You can buy formula in the large cans, take a bottle with your measured water and measure your powdered formula in these containers.  also can be used as a snack container when child is older.  Very durable, can be sterilized.


Hazel Green, AL


Avent formula dispeser great when your on the go!


This formula dispenser is a great time saver! I am a mother of three who is constantly on the go. I have no time when I am out to stop and measure out the formula for every bottle my child needs. This is a convenient way to make a bottle or even carry around a little snack. Once your child is done with formula and onto milk there is no need to throw away the storage cup, you can use it for toddler snacks! What a bargain.  


Bolivia, NC


Avent Formula Dispenser and Snack Cup

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