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Avent Express II Microwave Steam Sterilizer

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A must to go with the Avent bottles!


We absolutely love out Avent Sterilizer!  While I wanted to exclusively breastfeed, I knew that was not going to be possible with going back to work.  So once we decided on the Avent bottles, we needed an easy was to keep them sterilized.  My aunt purchased this for us, and I thanks her everyday for it.  I told her that if she ever need a baby shower gift, this was the one to get.  We used it about 3-4 times a day! It is easy to load; and yes, it is designed to fit primarily the Avent brand bottles.  Each part of the bottle has a special place that it "should" go.  My husband would just put the pieces anywhere, and it worked just fine.  Add the water, close the lid and microwave.  It's that simple.  I loved the fact that I didn't have to run a load of dishes in the dishwasher or dip the bottles in harsh chemicals.  This is by far one of the most used presents that we received, and I would recommend to anyone that is bottle feeding to get one!

Virginia Beach, VA


Convenient sterilizer!!


In the past, I ave had ups and downs with Avent products.  With my son, there were some Avent products I loved (bottles, sterilizers, etc) and products I hated (pacifiers, and I once has a piece of sippy cup come off into my son's mouth!) but I remain somewhat loyal to the brand.  When I found out I was pregnant with my daughter, I immediately registered for Avent bottles again because my son did so well with them (he was very colicky), along with the bottle warmer and sterilizer.  This sterilizer is excellent.  In two (+two more cooling time) minutes, six bottles are sterilized and ready for use.You can also put other avent products into the sterilizer such as the powder travel cup and pacifiers.  The fact that it goes into the microwave is excellent to.  When I can't find a place to store it, I will often leave it in the microwave being that I use it so often anyway.  I would definitely buy this for others as well as myself again!

Staten Island, NY


Bulky and not really necessary


We received the Avent Express Microwave Steam Sterilizer as part of a gift package when our first was born. It is absolutely HUGE! Our first thought was "where are we going to keep this thing in our already cramped kitchen?" It is very easy to use, but after doing some reading - it seems that most dishwashers (if set on a hot setting) will clean bottles sufficiently so you don't need to have an additional sterilizer. If you are handwashing, this might be a good option for you as it does have a decent amount of space to put many bottles, caps, nipples, etc....but otherwise, I think it is kind of a waste (of money and space!). When we travel and have to handwash, I find that the Medela Quick Clean Microsteam bags are a much more convenient way to sterilize the bottles.

Indianapolis, IN


Easy and convienent


We love our Avent Express II Microwave Steam Sterilizer. We have used it for a variety of different bottle brands, not just the Avent (althought the Avent bottles fit perfectly in it). This sterilizer gives me the piece of mind that my bottles are clean and sterile in between use. I love that it only takes a few minutes to sterlize them. My tip would be to make sure not to touch it or open it right away so you don't get burned. It is so easy to use. You simply add a little bit of water (directions come with it) and put it in the microwave...and wait. In no time your bottles are as sterile, if not more, than the day you bought them. I would highly recomend this to any parents with a baby who drinks bottles regularly.

Tucson, AZ


So easy to use!


I was skeptical of this microwave steralizer, afraid it would be another plastic baby item with a short shelf life. Boy was I wrong. This has become one of my go-to baby items and I use it daily. Simply clean your items, place them in the steralizer unit, add 7 ounces of water into the tray, close and pop it in the mircowave. Minutes later, the items are steralized and you're able to go on with your day. No fooloing around with big pots and large amounts of boiling water when steralizing on the stove top. Another plus: this steralizer can hold lots of bottles, bottle accessories and breastpump parts for easy cleaning. At most, I can clean my bottles, nipples, caps, pacifiers, etc in two runs with this product. One word of caution - of course, the water in the unit gets very hot and you have to be careful not to scald yourself when removing the unit from the microwave. The fact that the unit doesn't require a whole lot of water if helpful in this regard because with less water, there's less chance of burning yourself.

Greensboro, NC


Great and simple way to sterlize!


We got the Avent Express II Microwave Steam Sterilizer as a baby shower gift from friends and I really like it.  It's very simple to use (just put in the water and microwave, how much simpler can it get?) and worked really well.  I like that it wasn't a separate entire sterlizing system/gadget that would clutter up my kitchen counter.  It worked great for sterlizing Avent bottles, nipples, pacifiers and other small objects.  If you have taller bottles (like the Dr. Browns bottles or other tall glass bottles), this system might not work because I don't think it would be able to accommodate the height of the taller bottles - Avent bottles are shorter and wider than other bottles.  I like Avent products and this one lived up to my expectations.  It was a lot faster and more convenient than sterlizing with boiling water over a stove and worked just as well in my opinion.  I like this product and would recommend to friends.

Bend, OR


A must have for every mom!


This Avent microwave sterilizer is a must have for every mother!  I don't know what I would do without this easy sterilizing tool- well, actually, I do know what i would be doing- boiling water constantly!  This is such a great invention- very easy to use- just place your bottles, pacifiers, breast pumping accessories into the tray, add the correct amount of water and microwave on high for 4 minutes!  It is so easy to use that I find myself sterilizing much more often than i would if i had to use the old technique of boiling water on the stove.  I love this product and would highly recommend this to any mother or mother to be!  Philips Avent is a high quality brand and this microwave sterilizer lives up to their good reputation.  This item was a gift to me, so i'm not sure of the price, but even if it is pricy, like a lot of the Avent products, it is well worth it!  I have nothing negative to say about this product!

Bryan, OH


Great for Avent bottles but not any other brand


I purchased this to sterilize my breast feeding supplies as well as toys and pacifiers but it really did not work well for that.  There is a rack in the bottom of the sterilizer that is designed with a pattern and ridges specifically for the Avent bottles.  This is great I am sure if all you are using it for is the Avent bottles but I don't use that brand of bottle and wanted to use it for other things.  It is easy to use, works quick, keeps items sterile for 24 hours if you don't open the lid and pretty economical but didn't work well with the other items I metioned previously.  I ended up buying the Munchkin Steam bags to sterilize our toys and pacifiers.  They also work in 90 seconds but I don't have to try and arrange everything fifty times to be able to fit it all in at once.  If I was going to use Avent Bottles I would recommend this but surely not for anyone who is interested in sterilizing anything other than bottles.

New Hartford, NY


The Steam Sterilizer is convenient and easy to use.


I bought this when my first child was born.  I am by no means germaphobic, but I did want to know that my sons pacifiers and bottles were clean.  I also pumped milk, and the pump needed to be cleaned and sterilized.  At that time, our dishwasher was not the best, and we did not run it daily.  My son loved his pacifiers, so I always had several of those to wash.  The Avent Steam Sterilizer is simple to use.  The instructions are easy to understand.  It sterilizes quickly.  With just a few minutes of time and minimal effort, you can have the peace of mind knowing that your infant's things are free of germs.  It is light weight and easy to take on trips.  It is nice to not have any cords to worry about, and you can almost always find a microwave to use at any destination.  I'm not sure that using the sterilizer had anything to do with it, but my son did not have a sick visit to the doctor until he was eleven months old.  I would highly recommend this sterilizer.

Montgomery, TX


A Must-Have for Moms That Pump Breastmilk


A microwave steam sterilizer is a great invention!  It really made my life as a working mom who breastfeeds so much easier.  I sterilize bottles, nipples, and breastpump parts in this thing.  It works quickly and efficiently and I have always felt like everything comes out truly sterilized.  If I had to spend hours sterilizing bottles and pump parts, I don't know if I could have stuck with breastfeeding.  I used this for over a year with baby #1 and now am using it again with our second child.  It is extremely easy to use.  I just measure the amount of water using one of the bottles that I am going to sterilize, pour the water in, load up the bottles and pump parts, and press a couple buttons on the microwave.  Voila!  It is advisable to let it sit in the microwave a couple minutes before handling it because it will be very hot.  Also, open it carefully or you will get a steam burn.  I highly recommend this sterilizer!

Baton Rouge, LA


Avent Express II Microwave Steam Sterilizer

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