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Aveeno Positively Ageless Sunblock Spray SPF 50

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A good sunblock, but the sprayer clogged.


I really liked using this sunblock, until the sprayer clogged. It gave me good coverage, definitely protected me from the sun, was not greasy, and it did not smell gross like some sunscreens. Also, it was a good moisturizer, which is very important if I am spending all day in the moisture sucking sun. Having the moisturizer in the sunblock helped my skin stay soft and I did not feel dried out after the day outside, like I sometimes do. The only issue I experienced was that, halfway through the product, the sprayer clogged. Nothing I did fixed the problem. Aveeno is not the cheapest company to buy products from so I was upset that this happened. I could not finish out using the sunscreen because I could no longer get the product to spray onto my skin. I would recommend this product, but I think the company should make the bottle more durable. I would only purchase it again if I knew it would not clog and I would not have to end up wasting it.



Best Spray Sunscreen I have tried so far!


As a mom of two toddlers, I need a great sunscreen, but it has to be easy to apply!  I can spray my squirmy boys very quickly with this product.  I love the spray, and had no problems with it at all.  My boys were at the zoo for two hours with no touchups and had no redness at all with this product.  We love Aveeno and will definitely be buying (and recommending) this sunscreen!

San Jose, CA


Burn, baby burn


I was excited to see a sunblock that also acts a moisturizer and Aveeno is a name I trust, so I had to try this product. I applied this as directed and did not go into the water. I don't believe that I sweated very much, either. The application felt good -- a little strange since it was my first time using a spray sunscreen but overall, my skin felt soft with the application. The scent of this product is pleasant - there is no chemical aroma to it like you have with some other brands. Unfortunately, I did not bring a backup and used only this product and found that my skin turned a bright lobster red after a very short time in the sun. My recommendation is if you purchase this product and are not accustomed to spray sunscreens, ensure you apply it over-generously and perhaps bring another product to use as a backup if you find that it isn't working for you. Multiple applications in a brief time period may help, as well.

Middleton, MA


Easy to put on


I live on an island and usually vaction in the tropics so I go through alot of sunscreen and have tried just about all of them. I recently went Kayaking with a group of girl friends for my first in the sun outing of the season and a friend of mine had this sunscreen and we all used it from a fair completed girl to olive skinned girls and we all love how easy it was to put on and how it did not have a chemical sunscreen smell, we even used it on our faces ( I typically use seperate body and faces suncreen, to prevent acne). We were out for four hours and none of us had burns on out faces or legs however we had slight redness where out life jackets were but I feel that was due to the life jackets rubbing the sunscreen off. They dont advertise to be sport strengh so I think that is not a flaw of the company I think I should have used something else for my shoulders. I think this is a great everyday spray for bikerides or visiting the park.

Galveston, TX


Great, full coverage sunblock!


Aveeno's Positively Ageless sunblock spray is a great full coverage product.  It feels light, is not greasy, and it does the job well.  For me, getting the spray on was the hard part though.  I purchased this product a couple of times and both bottles gave me some trouble with the sprayer.  I had to use full force to get the sunblock to spray.  And, the first time I used it on my nephew, it was clear that I had missed a few spots, so now I am more careful to rub the sunblock in once it has been applied.

Sanford, FL


Aveeno ageless sunblock with SPF 50


The Aveeno positively ageless sunblock spray with SPF 50 is the best sunblock I have tested in a long time. This bottle can be sprayed all over the back and front of your legs and thighs even upside down and get a good enough coverage you are satisfied with. I bought it for myself this summer and it worked really great. I chose the highest SPF that was available on the shelf and the first time I used it, I was happy with it. Just like most sunblocks, you need to reapply after toweling off, but like I mentioned before, it's so easy to spray on yourself, It's a sinch. I especially like the fact that once it's on your skin, it doesn't feel oily or greasy and it doesn't have a nasty smell either. The only thing I wasn't too happy about is the fact that when you do spray it, make sure you're outdoors and that you are far away from other people because if it's a breazy day, you can be sure, the spray will just blow away.

Montebello, CA


Aveeno Positively Ageless Sunblock Spray SPF 50

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