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Aveeno Ageless Vitality Rejuvenating Day Treatment 4 oz.

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not recommended unless you like acne scars


I thought this product sounded so great from the commercials, online promos and magazines. Shitake is the next new thing in skin care. Maybe they grow their mushrooms with a lot of pesticides. But I suffered from severe reaction to this aveeno product. I mean their commercials do say "ah aveeno" right...wrong. I have been plagued with skin problems since I started using aveeno. I actually thought it was just me not the product for some time because I never react to any products that I have used in my entire thirty some years of life on earth. Suddenly I get huge blocked pores filed with disgusting gooo that scar and bleed. Since I stopped using all the aveeno I purchase, and never got my rebates for, Total waste of money I saw no difference or improvement in appearance of skin or wrinkles. Oh wait I did see a difference in appearance of my skin...now suddenly I have acne (I never suffered from before). Also the product is way to expensive. It looks big in the box but that is also deceptive.

Hudson, OH


Hurts so good


This product was one of many I tried when I began to use facial moisturizers. I made if many years before I succumbed to the marketing that constantly makes me feel like I need to be putting something expensive on my face to "firm" it. So, again, I bought this with coupons during a rebate period. So, it was not pricey for me. I would not pay full price for this product. The product has four small tubes of a gray colored cream/gel and a larger pump/bottle that contains a typical moisturizer. I like the "ion complex" - it feels sorta powdery when you apply it. It is weird, unlike anything else I have tried. I liked it. Then you are to apply the moisturizer over it. I don't like the smell of the moisturizer. It does contain SPF and that may have something to do with it, not sure. It also caused a rash (red and burning) on my neck where I smoothed in the moisturizer. This was not appealing.  I tried Neutrogena Clinical shortly after I tried this product. It also has the ion complex gray cream stuff which I love. You'll love it too. I like the Neutrogena cream better than the Ageless Vitality. They are very similar. I got decent moisture results from the Ageless Vitality. I saw no change in skin tone or wrinkles, but I was not really expecting much (like I always say... see my other reviews). I think the price is way high and I don't like the formulation. Try it if you like when the price is right, but I like other over-the-counter moisturizing options better.  Hope this is helpful to ya!

Birmingham, AL


Aveeno Ageless Vitality Rejuvenating Day Treatment 4 oz.

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