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Aveeno Active Naturals Natural Protection MineralBlock Sunscreen SPF 30

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Not for me


I am still a little bit undecided on this "Aveeno Active naturals natural protection mineralblock sunscreen SPF 30" My best friend came to my house to lay out by the pool with me last summer and brought this with her for her face. Now I am pretty white myself but she's more pale than I am, this stuff worked great for her. I however, was not very pleased. I wanted something to use on my face with low SPF so I could still get a little bit of a tan, without being fried. This sunscreen made my face feel so greasy I couldn't bare to leave it on more than an hour. I also hated the way it looked on my skin, I had white (pastel looking) streaks on my hands and cheeks. It was a big disappointment for me because I am a huge fan of Aveeno products. Scent I didn't notice much of a scent. Absorption The absorption of this sunscreen was awful, I don't even think my skin absorbed any of the tiny bit that I applied to my face. It just felt greasy after using it. Longevity I left it on for as long as I could stand it (an hour tops) and had to wash it off. My best friend left hers on all day long. Ease of Application It is very easy to use, put a small dab on your finger and apply to your desired area. Just like applying lotion.



Good... but not all it's cracked up to be.


I tried this product because I had a coupon and I am a very big fan of Aveeno products. However, I am not a huge fan of this sun screen. I went in the store looking for the baby aveeno (I almost always use baby sunscreen beacuse the spf is higher and theres less irritants)but I couldn't find it so this seemed like the next best choice. As far as doing it's job, It did protect me from the sun very well. I did not get burnt all day. BUt, It is very difficul;t to apply, does not spread as well as I hoped, and is slightly irrtating when applied to face. I think I will stick to my Banana Boat Baby Sunscreen...more bang for the buck! and less problems Absorption This sunscreen stays on your skin all day and makes your skin look almost greyish :/ Effectiveness I get burnt quite easily and quickly, and after a day at the beach I did not get burnt. Ease of Application Sometimes, it doesn't smooth out as easily as I would like.



Aveeno Active Naturals Natural Protection MineralBlock Sunscreen SPF 30

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