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Aveda Sap Moss Shampoo

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Not Aveda's best effort


Although I generally like (or even love) Aveda's products, Aveda's Sap Moss shampoo was an absolute disaster. First of all, the scent is dreadful.  It is one of those polarizing scents that I suspect people either love or hate, and I hated it.  Sap Moss is not a bad description -- to me, it smelled like pine trees with a touch of things rotting on a forest floor.  Maybe the type of scent you'd put in a man's deodorant. Second, the shampoo somehow managed to dry out my hair without actually making it feel clean. I could almost feel the hair cuticle getting roughed up by the shampoo--very strange.  I have normal-to-oily, very healthy hair.  This shampoo actually managed to dry it out.  With most shampoos, I can skip conditioner and brush my hair when it's dry without any problems. With the Sap Moss shampoo, I had to use conditioner or else my hair would be a rough, tangled mess when it dried. Third, the appearance of the shampoo itself.  It's an odd shade of greenish-brown (moss, right?).  If any of it drips out, it dries into a rather disgusting brownish glob that sticks quite stubbornly to tile.  It also dries out in the 1-liter pump bottles, so you have to unclog the booger-like dried shampoo clogs out of the pump mechanism. Unpleasant.

Cambridge, MA


Great for dry hair and scalp.


First of all, let me say that if you're looking for a fruity shampoo with lots of surfactants, you won't like Aveda's Sap Moss shampoo. Like other Aveda products, this shampoo is natural and uses earthy scents and little sulfates. This is the reason why it's so great for my hair and scalp! I have very sensitive scalp and can't use much of anything, other than this shampoo, without my head itching uncontrollably. The moss is very calming and even helps to heal the damage I've gotten from using other shampoos.  Also, it's very hydrating. I use a lot of product when styling my hair and I find that the pomades and styling aids I use tend to break down, damage, and dry out my hair, and this shampoo really helps that, too. I can use this shampoo with the Sap Moss conditioner and it really cleans and repairs my hair, and I don't need to use even half as much product when my hair is healthy. The smell is great. Like I said before, it's an earthy smell and it definitely makes showering a spa experience. Aveda's Sap Moss shampoo AND conditioner both come highly recommended from me!

Little Rock, AR


Wonderful product


*I love all of the Aveda products.  I am very disappointed that the Sap Moss is discuntinued, but I do like Rosemary mint shampoo and will use that.  Aveda's online site makes it easy to order and they give free shipping.*

Powhatan, VA


Love the way it makes my hair feel


I got introduced to Aveda products from my oldest daughter about 9 years ago, while she was in college. Still can't figure out how she could afford their products, but she swears by them. She bought me some Sp Moss shampoo for my birthday and it turned out to be the best shampoo for my hair. I ahve returned the favor to here every brithday, until recently, they've since changed the product and no longer sell Sap Moss. I have heard two different stories why. don't really care why, just wish they had it. I liked the fact that you can shampoo and don't need to use a conditioner. It makes your hair feel clean and soft. I will keep trying their differnet products until I come across another shampoo that I like as much.

La Quinta, CA


Moisture in a bottle


If you can get over the odd smell and the texture of the shampoo you can begin to explore what a great moisterizing shampoo sap moss is.  It is very concentrated so a little goes a long way.  It is a great shampoo for the cold winter months. 

Portage, MI


Aveda Sap Moss Shampoo

4.4 5