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Aveda Pure Abundance Hair Potion

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Sticky but effective


I have fine hair and am always looking for easy-to-use products and styling techniques to give me more lift at the roots. I tend to use Aveda Pure Abundance Hair Potion on day-old or two-day-old hair that I plan on washing that night. The product gets quite sticky and turns into a kind of dry paste when you rub it between your fingers. If you pour it from the small bottle directly onto your head it is a challenge to get it just on the hair shaft and not all over the scalp and you can end up using a lot more than you need. It takes longer to shake it into my palm or onto my fingertips first but this way gives me more control and I waste less. Also it is not designed for use on wet hair, your hair really needs to be 90-100% dry first. I don't use it when I am in a hurry, which is the case more often than not, so this product sits unused a lot of the time. If I had short hair I could see using this product more.

Cambridge, MA


Aveda Pure Abundance good but pricey


I purchased Aveda Pure Abudance Hair Potion a little over a year ago and use it only once or twice per week when I want my hair to have extra volume. It does work well. Only a small amount sprinkled at the root is necessary to provide a little extra volume at the roots. I think that it is pricey but it has lasted quite some time as I bought it over a year ago. Another con is that it does seem to make my hair a little more oily if I use it. I tend to only use this product when going out or when I am really trying to give my hair an extra "bump". I do not use it on a daily basis. My hair is relatively thick anyways and I don't have typically oily hair so this produce may not be good for the person who has really oily hair at the end of the day anyways. I would recommend this product to someone who has drier hair and would like some extra volume for those special occasions. I think that it can be good for going out and giving long hair that extra "oomph".

Winchester, VA


Not for oily hair


There are so many volumizing hair care products from spray, shampoo,  mousse etc. This Aveda product is very interesting - it is powder. Unfortunately, I am not going to buy this one again. This powder transformed into liquid as I applied it to my hair roots. I hate to say this, but it made my hair look oily and feel sticky (believe me, I only used a little bit of this powder as directed). I did not like my hair smell afterwards either, and my scalp was itchy next day. It seemed to add some body, but more importantly, after a few hours it was hard to tell any significance difference in terms of volume. I know Aveda products are expensive, but I would not mind if it works effectively. But this one did not convince me....

Atlanta, GA


Aveda Pure Abundance Hair Potion

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