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Aveda - Comforting Tea

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So yummy! Make your home smell like an Aveda Salon!


This tea is delicious and it does not require any sweetener. An extra bonus is that after preparing it your home will take on the intoxicating smell that you find in the Aveda concept salons. I'm not a big tea person to begin with (especially teas that don't come in tea bags) but I couldn't resist buying it after it was introduced to me while getting my hair done at an Aveda salon. I tried it there and have been addicted to it ever since. It has a very soothing taste (and smell!) that's not too herbal but also not too sleepy, like chamomile. It inspires a very calm and relaxing feel. I'm a big fan of apothecary, so the fact that the bottle is just gorgeous and can be used for any number of things after the tea is all gone was also a plus for me. The only draw back that I can think of is maybe that it comes "loose" and, of course, the price! My opinion the price is a bit high, especially just for some herbal tea, but when I first smelled and tasted it I couldn't resist.



Very nice


I would rate this tea a four. It is a nice smooth tasting tea. For the price, I would have thought that you would get a larger amount, but you don't need much for a nice cup. I would caution anyone though that does not like coconut that it does contain that and if you don't like it then you probably would not like this particular one.

Auburn, WA


Aveda - Comforting Tea

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