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Aveda Clove Conditioner

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Refreshs the color of dark hair


I admit it - I get my hair colored to cover the gray. Between salon visits, my hair has a tendency to fade from medium brown to maybe too light a brown. Enter Aveda's Clove Conditioner. I mix an inch-long ribbon of this product with my conditioner, run it through my clean, wet hair, leave it in for three minutes, and suddenly, the brown is restored to a much nicer looking shade. I had hoped Aveda's Clove Conditioner would cover the silver streak that appears at my part. Unfortunately, it is not strong enough to do this. While it does a great job of refreshing the color treatment where there is still color, it can't help with untreated, grown out hair. It also works on undyed hair that has faded from the sun. It is important to wash the Aveda Clove Conditioner off your hands with soap and water as soon as you are done applying it to the hair. This will prevent any staining of your hands. I have used Aveda Clove Conditioner for many years and remain satisfied with the results.

Gainesville, FL


Aveda Clove Conditioner is absolutely wonderful!


This review is for Aveda Clove Conditioner. Where can I start? This product is absolutely wonderful! I love all Aveda products, but especially this one! I am naturally a dirty blonde. However, when I bought this product, I saw that it was for enriching brown hair. I wanted to try it, because I wanted to try to darken my hair naturally a little bit, without coloring it. It worked! This shampoo and conditioner line naturally darkened my hair and made it look rich, shiny, and beautiful! The natural ingredients such as the plant extracts in the conditioner just gave my hair a smoothness and softness that I have never experience with ANY other shampoo/conditioner before. I would recommend this product to EVERYONE! Aveda is a great company with great products. Even though they are a little pricey, I think the products are worth the money. They do what they are made to do and that is to give you beautiful, soft, shiny hair!

Knoxville, TN


Aveda Clove Conditioner

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