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Aveda Brilliant Shampoo

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I love the fragrance, the feel, and the outcome of this product.


I have been a user of Aveda products since I discovered them in college. They are a proud company that believes in natural ingredients and fragrances. I have medium to thick, coarse hair that naturally has a bit of a wave to it. I am always using heat products to style and straighten my hair, which leaves it extremely dry. I fell in love with Aveda's Pure Fume Brilliance line about 3 years ago. The smell is amazingly fresh, light and relaxing, it reminds me of a laid back day at the beach. It is a creamy thick shampoo and conditioner line that leaves your hair smooth and shiny, but not weighted down or greasy feeling. My hair is silky to the touch, and both my husband and boys love to smell my hair when I've left the shower. I am married to a soldier, so we move alot and I have found that it can be quite a bit of a drive to find a salon or store where I can buy my products. I'm really glad that they have made this line available in the 1 liter bottles so I can cut down on my trips and you can buy them online from the Aveda store. I absolutely love this product!


Fort Leavenworth, KS


I wasn't expecting my hair to look and feel this good


A friend of mine recommended I try Aveda products for my hair since it's very long, voluminous, and dry.  I was somewhat skeptical when we walked into the "fancy/schmancy" store, and my reasoning was that all the hair products out there were basically the same.  That is, they all contain the same basic ingredients with a couple of different ones thrown in as an excuse for that particular name brand to call it it's own and make it unique.  I decided "what the heck...why not", right?  Just to be sure, I bought a "sample" size of both the Brilliant shampoo and conditioner.  Well alright, they weren't samples.  Each bottle was 6.7 fl. oz. in size, small enough so that the products wouldn't make an impressionable dent in my pocket.  After all, who wants to spend a lot of money on a product they've never used before and then decide it wasn't any good.  Hence, big waste of money.  Well, to my surprise (and delight, I might add), the shampoo lathered only slightly, and the conditioner immediately tamed my wild hair.  After my hair had dried, there was a very noticeable softness and sheen to my normally dull, dry and unmanageable hair.  In essence, it gave my hair new life.  Wow! This stuff's great!! (I thought).  I was very pleased with the way my hair looked, felt, and smelled so much so that I could hardly wait to wash my hair again (I do have a life).  All of a sudden, there was a newfound excitement in what used to be an unwelcome chore --washing my hair.  Needless to say, my outlook on washing my hair has changed significantly.  I actually look forward to washing it more often than I used to.  I would wholeheartedly recommend this product to anyone who suffers from dull, dry, unmanageable hair.  Try it.  You'll like it.


Hawthorne, CA


This cleans well with a brilliant smell.


Aveda Brilliant Shampoo is the single best smelling shampoo that I have ever used. The scent is, according to the bottle, "Aveda's own Pure-Fume Aroma with Jasmine, Rose, Certified Organic Yiang Yland and other pure flower and plant essences." None of that is important to me, however, because the minute I smell this stuff I am in heaven. I save it for special occasions, when I want my hair to smell awesome and look shiny and clean. This shampoo cleans thoroughly with just the right amount of lather, and leaves only a gorgeous sheen and ethereal scent. I didn't know this until I started writing this review, but I don't see any sulfate products in the ingredients. I have read that sulfates are lathering agents, and that they dry out your hair, or skin, or whatever you're using the product on. The only thing negative about this stuff is the high price, so I usually ask for it for Christmas as a special treat. Further, Aveda products are never tested on animals, and they made using organically grown products. I use my Aveda Brilliant Shampoo right before I use my Aveda Brilliant Conditioner. A brilliant combination of hair products for anyone who wants gorgeous, amazing-smelling hair.


Kalamazoo, MI


Aveda Brilliant Shampoo

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