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Aveda Brilliant Hairspray

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Coincidence or did this do something?


I recently went to an Aveda Salon to get a hair cut and color and I also purchased a bottle of Aveda Brilliant Hairspray on my way out. Since that time, it seems that my hair was shedding much more than usual and I was losing noticeable amounts in the shower. I don't know if it was the services I received at the salon or this hairspray but the results were so worrisome that I've stopped using the spray. It has been a couple of months and I now feel that my hair is much thinner than it has ever been. I don't know if it was a coincidence or not but the experience has made me nervous about using this product and going back to the salon for any further services. The hairspray has a nice smell but seems a little bit too strong for my hair. I remember that it was difficult to comb through my hair after having styled it. However, it does have great hold and staying power which is a great quality.

Fair Haven, MI


Aveda Brilliant Hairspray Works So well I Give it as Gifts!


All my life I have styled my hair with using hairspray. Of course, I grow up with that being almost the only product that held one's hair in place without the use of a ponytail, bows, and so on. I remember when hair looked stiff and really worked up. It was shiny, and it really made the hair look awful. But everyone used hairspray and looked the same, so it did not matter. Today I am proud to say that this hairspray does what one want it do. It makes the hair look natural. One can also run fingers through the hair without it messing up the style and keeping the hair held the way one had styled it. Does make for sticky hair; controls and manages the hair easily; has natural ingredients; makes hair smell "earthy, like a fresh air smell--extremely nice"; Has Wonderful and natural looking hold. What else could someone want? I'll not lie to you, I do not like the price. But for everything it does, it is well worth it. I would not even consider using another kind...ever. In fact, if I got a life-time supply of another brand of hairspray for free, I would not use that. I am serious. I have never used such a hairspray as this. It's as if I am using nothing at all, when, in fact, I am.

Rainsville, AL


Best hair spray ever!


I've been using Aveda Brilliant Hairspray for about a decade and while I've tried others over the years I always come back to this.  It's firm but not sticky, it leaves your hair really shiny and like all Aveda products - it smells fantastic!!!

Redondo Beach, CA


Aveda Brilliant Hairspray is pretty brilliant!


I have to say that I was leary of the Aveda products in general at first.  I mean really could they be that good for me and that natural and actually do anything for my hair?  I was a skeptic but my sister the all natural guru as really won me over with Aveda.  You always use so much less of their products from shampoo to styling aides, so much less than with your usual store or high end products.  I love how actually non-damaging and very good for you the Aveda line also is.  The Brilliant Hair Spray has a nice clean earthy smell to it I think, the scent is very delicious and I rather like it.  I think it provides and excellent hold and a clean feeling.  There is virtually no build up like with some other hair sprays out there.  This is a very good product made out of very good things and does not have all the bad things you usually find in hair spray. I am overall very impressed with the product in smell and in use.

Neenah, WI


Aveda is Awesome!


I have been using Aveda's Brilliant Hairspray for close to three years now and I am still happily in love. What I most love is that when I use this product for an updo or something out of the normal wearing my hair down or in a ponytail look, it doesn't leave any buildup or residue. It also allows my to run my fingers through my hair without getting them stuck! Funny I know, but there are hairspray horror stories like this :) My hair doesn't have the caked on styling product feel to it and if anything it has a very polished, glossy, defined, yet natural look to it. In fact, when I tell people I am wearing hairspray, they think I'm joking! And that's the response I want :) I also love that Aveda develops it's products using the finest and most natural ingredients out there, and that it does not test on animals. I love do gooder and environmentally savvy companies! If you are looking for a product that will help define you hair and give it a little lift naturally, then I urge you to give this a shot.

Sammamish, WA


I cannot live without it.


We swear by this in our family to tame our crazy, frizzy curls.  I adore all of the brilliant products, but daily use the serum and styling creme and cannot live without them for myself and my toddler.

Ponchatoula, LA


Aveda Brilliant Hairspray

4.5 6