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Conditioner for Curly Hair
Aveda Be Curly Conditioner

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For fine-haired curls, THIS is the product!


I don't have too many brand-loyalties - any shampoo, soap will do for me. But for the past 5+ years I have never been without Be Curly. Without Be Curly, my hair is softly frizzy - unkempt, wild, no curl definition. I have the type of hair that actually welcomes a humid, rainy day because that is when my curls finally get definition. I have tried lots of other products, including very expensive ones such as Kerastase and Bumble and Bumble's Brilliantine. Aveda's Be Curly is the only product I have ever found that works for my hair. I only care for the leave-in conditioner. I don't see much impact with the Be Curly shampoo or wash-out conditioner. I use just a quarter-size amount for my shoulder-length hair. Usually I air-dry but sometimes use a diffuser. I am too low-maintenance to blow my hair straight. With the product, my hair has curl definition and much less frizz. So, if you have fine-hair with curl, I highly recommend the Be Curly Leave-In Conditioner!

Winnetka, IL


All natural but not all great


I love Aveda poducts and decided to try this for my curly, unruly, frizzy hair.  I was hoping for a nice smooth look after I got out of the shower.  Unfortunately, I could see the dry ends of my hair curling up like usual.  The conditioner did not work like I expected. I was hoping to see some sleek, tossled curls but instead I saw the same frizzy hair.  Aveda products are very expensive and you hope you get your money's worth when you purchase the products.  I would not try this again. 

Dundee, IL


Aveda Be Curly Conditioner


Aveda Be Curly Conditioner 6.7 ounce is a great conditioner to use whenever I stlye my hair curly, which is most of the time. It is a bit expensive but no more so than the rest of the Aveda line. I think the Aveda products are worth the extra money if you factor in the natural ingredients that they use and the positive impact they have on the environment. I feel the health benefits of using natural products are huge too. The Aveda Be Curly Conditioner helps my hair feel super soft and healthy and I have noticed it keeps my natural curl from becoming too frizzy. I have even used a bit for a leave in conditioner in the summer when my hair is prone to more frizz. I also use it for my daughter during the summer so she does not have as much of a frizz problem either. I feel good about using more natural products on my daughter too. She loves it too. It is hard to find good products for our naturally curly hair that actually do what they say they will. Aveda does that.

Lake Mills, WI


Controls even the frizziest hair!


Aveda Be Curly Conditioner is an excellent product. My hair frizzes very easily and I find that using this conditioner controls the frizz even on the most humid day. It is not specified as a 'leave in conditioner', but I have found I have to leave any conditioner in, because if I rinse it out, it doesn't work properly. This conditioner, even left in, does not weigh your hair down or grease it up. I tend to get an itchy scalp from hair care products, but this does not contribute to that problem at all. It is a little more pricey than lower quality salon brands, but it is so worth it, if you haven't found a conditioner that works for your coarse and/or curly hair. It is best used as part of the cleasing system, to get the most effective results.

Montgomery, AL


Aveda Be Curly Conditioner

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