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Aveda All Sensitive Moisturizer

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Aveda Natural Moisturizer for Sensitive Skin


Aveda All Sensitive Moisturizer comes in a tall bottle containing 5 ounces. I love the pump dispenser on the top of the bottle, which makes getting the lotion out easy and not at all messy. I used this every morning and evening for a few weeks after my stylist gave me a generously sized sample of the lotion. Aveda claims it helps replenish your skins moisture, that it's gentle, dermatologist tested, hypoallergenic, and aroma free. Aveda products are known to be more natural, and this one is fairly natural in my opinion. It is a blend of natural and chemical ingredients, but there are more of the natural ingredients since they are listed first. Some companies list natural ingredients last, meaning the product doesn't contain very much of them. The consistency of Aveda Natural Moisturize for Sensitive Skin is thinner than I am used to using. Despite this fact, it absorbed well and wasn't greasy, leaving my face feeling soft and smooth. It left my skin feeling moisturized for several hours. Although it claims to be unscented, it does have a slight fragrance but it is mild and it doesn't bother me. This is a moisturizer that I would recommend to those with sensitive skin. Scent Not unscented as claimed, but it does have a very light fragrance Absorption Good, absorbs nicely and easily and it isn't greasy Effectiveness Very moisturizing without being greasy and it didn't cause any blemishes or redness to my face


Eagle River, AK


Aveda All Sensitive Moisturizing Lotion


I'm not a big fan of many lotions, as often the scents are too strong for my tastes, or they don't absorb quickly enough. Recently, I had an opportunity to try Aveda All Sensitive Moisturizing Lotion provided as an amenity by a hotel that I was staying at, and I really liked it! The bottle says Aveda All Sensitive Moisturizing Lotion is "a gentle, but effective lotion." I have to agree with them on that point. The lotion completely absorbed into my skin within three minutes of applying it. More than twelve hours later, my skin was still smooth, very soft and felt very hydrated. The scent is a bit interesting - it includes some flower oils, turmeric powder, licorice, and cardamom, among other ingredients. It's not overly floral, but you do pick up a hint of spices. After a few hours, the scent fades away and is barely noticeable. Aveda's tagline is "The Art and Science of Pure Flower and Plant Essences" - and I'm now interested in trying some of their other products based on how this one worked for me.


Denver, CO


Aveda All Sensitive Moisturizer

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