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Avanti Top Load Portable Washer W757-1

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Decent machine for the price


The rubber stopper on the bottom was faulty in my model and had to be removed and the wheels aren't too great but he machine works fine and for the price it was worth it. It's perfect for small apartments. Cleaning Time Decent cleaning time. A load can go anywhere from sixteen minutes to an hour. Ease of Use Very easy to use and very straight foreward.





This is the washer that came installed in my new apartment. It spins everything so tight that the wrinkles won't come out in the dryer. When you wash jeans you try to take them out and they are all knotted together and you have to pick up all at once (heavy) and untangle them just to get them wrinkled beyond help into the dryer. Despite how tight it spins sometimes it tangles them but they are still too wet to throw in the dryer so you have to run the spin cycle again to which they wrinkle even further. Anything with ties on it get tangles and the laces get ruined. Energy Efficiency My electric bill is average and I do a lot of wash so I'm sure this is average. Now if only it didn't spin so tight that everything is one big wrinkle I wouldn't be so upset. Cleaning Time The cycles run a normal length of time. Performance The tight spinning is ruining my clothes and permanently wrinkles things so that the dryer can't get them out and I HATE TO IRON. Ease of Use as easy as any other washer. Design spins unbearably tight. Durability I've been here a year and it runs fine so it is normally durable.

Dumont, NJ


Avanti Top Load Portable Washer W757-1

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