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Avanti 24-inch Freestanding Gas Range

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Okay product


I am reasonably disappointed with the Avanti Freestanding Gas Range. This range takes a lot longer to heat up and cook food compared to others I have used. Energy consumption is higher, heating is uneven and sometimes I am not even sure food will be ready in time for a given meal. Maybe I was unfortunate and picked up a faulty product, but I am thoroughly disappointed in this range. The thing that bothers me the most is how difficult it is to clean up this range if a mess happens (and messes happen almost always while cooking!). Spills get into every little nook and cranny and those little slots where the pan supporters fit and then it is a nightmare to clean up. I would not buy this product again myself, nor would I recommend it to anyone, especially if they are on the run and do not have hours to clean up every time they cook something. Also, make sure to double check that the range rests evenly on your kitchen floor before you let the delivery guys leave, if not it is added excitement to the cooking adventure!




Gas Stovetop


Nice product and a great buy. Temperature Control I like how the temperature adjusts very quickly. I am able to change heat settings and within minutes it is at the right heat. Heat Distribution The heat distributes evenly, I have not noticed any hot spots or excessive coolness in any areas, all my food cooks evenly and fairly quickly. Durability So far everything is working properly in terms of heat but the knobs have faded pretty drastically over the course of nine months to where they aren't able to be read clearly anymore. One of the heat knobs, the one I use the most, is quite a bit looser now and a little bit flimsy feeling, it seems a little bit like it's going to fall off but hasn't as of yet. Design I think the design is really nice and modern which gives my whole kitchen a modern feel and vibe. I like the color of it and how nicely it goes with any surrounding. Ease of Cleaning One of the easiest to clean devices I have owned. All it takes is warm water and soap to get everything I cook off of the stove.




Avanti 24-inch Freestanding Gas Range

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