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Authority Adult Indoor Cat

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High Quality Cat Food


We switched to Authority Adult Indoor Cat food, after one of our cats was put on a diet. The food that our vet had prescribed was a lot more expensive, so we went looking for something cheaper, that still had all of the ingredients our vet wanted in the cat food, while not adding anything that would give our cats empty calories. We found it with Authority Adult Indoor Cat Food. Quality of Ingredients This was the most important feature that we were searching for in our cat food. It had to have the same high quality ingredients that our veterinarian prescribed, without putting in a lot of extra junk. Authority Adult Indoor Cat Food does just this. Flavor Selection There is only one thing that matters when it comes to flavor selection. Our cats have to eat it. In order for them to eat it, they have to like it. Well, Authority Adult indoor Cat Food passed the taste test, that we administered to our finicky cats. They just gobbled it up, time after time!



Healthy Cat food at dirt cheap prices


I have a 7yr old orange tabby who has a very very sensitive stomach.  For 6.5 years I was feeding her Nutro for indoor cats and for 6.5 years my poor cat threw up at last 3 times a week.  About 6 months ago I switched her to a brand I could buy at any grocery store and she seemed to really like it and the amount of times she threw up went in half.  Unfortunately they discontinued that particular kind and a clerk at the pet store recommended that I try giving her Authority for Sensitive Stomachs, this store had a 30day money back so I went for it and gave it a try.  Our cat not only loves it but has only been sick one time since starting this food.  I can honestly say this is a great product and more people should try it out.  The only draw back is that our dogs like it too so we now have to put the cat food on the dryer.  But I can honestly say that if that is the worst thing I can say about this food you'd be a fool not to try it out.

Knoxville, TN


Low-cost High Quality Pet Food


The reason I love this pet food is that it is a high quality cat food which to me means it has real chicken (or fish in other formulas) as the first ingredient and not some "by-product meal."  Experts have recommended that having a real protein as the 1st ingredient, is best for your cats' health, so that is the first thing I look for in a cat food.  And for such good quality, this cat food doesn't cost a fortune either. I also use the indoor formula because one of my cats is a maine coon, who has a medium-length coat, and has a tendancy to get hairballs, so this formula keeps her from having them. It has a high fiber count, which helps with that in addition to being healthier for preventing any weight issues. Further, this brand also has omega 3 & omega 6 which keepss cats' coat healthy, and contains antioxidants which help maintain a strong immune system.To top it off, both my cats love this food and get so excited when we bring home a new bag; in fact, they act like we're giving them a special treat!

Albany, MN


In the middle


Like the Authority dog food, Authority cat food is in the middle in quality. I buy this cat food because it is better than a lot of others and less expensive than the really high quality stuff. My cat seems to like it a lot and she has a gorgeous coat so I have found no reason to switch foods.

San Marcos, TX


Let your cat eat healthy and for cheap!


My cat has an incredibly sensitive stomach and throws up every once in a while after eating. I switched her over to the Authority cat food for sensitive stomachs, and she's been doing great. She still throws up every once in a while, but rarely, and mostly due to the fact that she'll eat too much too fast. Her fur has been softer, and she use to be so skinny and now I can tell she's gained some weight! I'm so glad I found a food that works for her and my wallet. 

Orlando, FL


Great food at a great price.


This food is made specifically for PetsMart. It is higher quality than the Meow Mix, and Whiskas/Friskies kinds of food. It is not as expensive as Science Diet or Eukanuba, yet is of the same quality.

Macon, GA


Authority Adult Indoor Cat

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