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Austin Air
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Austin Air Healthmate Junior Plus Air Purifier

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Austin Air Junior Air Purifier is GREAT


If you are looking for a simple small air filter for a medium sized room, this is the one for you!  It comes in 3 colors to match any decore.  The hepa filter is great in that it only has to be replaced every 5 years.  No other company but Austin Air (that I know of) will GUARANTEE their hepa replacement filters will last for 5 years.  Just register it on their website when you buy and you are set.  It is simple to use and simple to change the filter (unlike some units).  The most important thing is that it really does its job.  Our room is less dusty, my husband does not have to take tons of allergy medication like he used to, and it helps with odors also.  This junior model is fairly easy to pick up and move if necessary since it is not all that heavy.  Overall cost over time is much less than other units that require you to change the hepa filter much more often.  The only negative to me is that it doesn't have some sort of sensor to tell me when it is time to change the filter.

Richardson, TX


This air purifier leaves air smelling fresh like a spring day.


We bought 2 air purifiers about 7-8 years ago.  We use one in the bedroom, the other in the living room.   My husband and I both have chronic sinus problems from toxic mold, and they have helped us tremendously.  I sleep more soundly, and my husband no longer has problems with snoring and sleep apnea.  We seem to get sick less often and recover more quickly when we do get sick.  They are also great for eliminating allergens in the home. We have found that the filters don't tend to last 5 years, as advertised.  While they still function after the 1st one to two years, they definitely no longer clean the air as efficiently as before.  I suspect the company has had some complaints in that department as they no longer carry a full warranty on the filters for 5 years, having switched to a partial one instead. Beware that one air purifier will only clean the air in one room.  It won't navigate corners. Very happy with the product!      

Denver, CO


Austin Air Healthmate Junior Plus Air Purifier

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