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Aussie Volume Mousse

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Best mousse around!


I recently got a perm and I use Aussie Volume Mousse on it every day to keep the frizz under control.  It doesn't leave your hair feeling all sticky like some products do. And as an added bonus it smells great too!

Livingston, MT


vavoooom volume


the aussie volume mouse is awesome. it definately gives my hair the volume it needs without the stickiness and the build up others have left. i use the aussie volume mouse more then any other products because of the volume i get from it. i recommend trying this if your hair is just lifeless and you cant seem to get volume from your other product you use.

Palm Bay, FL


Adds Control To Hair


I have tried several brands of hair products, I have a spiral perm in my hair and have no volume what so ever.  I like my hair to stay in place and look the same all day and most do not do that.  I started using Ausie Shampoo and Condition Moist and fell in love with it,  repaired my hair from all the perms and dyes I had put in my hair. Then I discovered all the other Ausie products.  I stated using the regular Gel, Mousse, and hair spray.  I sent my husband to the store to get somethings and he ended up bringing back the volume ones.  I noticed a diffrence the first time I used it, I had more volume on the top of my head, I then went to the store and got all the volume products that Ausie makes, gel, mousse,hair spray, and the humidity control. My hair stays in place all day and looks great keeps the curls and looks like I just fixed it.  I have even went 2 days with the products in my hair and it still kept the volume and looked great.  Ausie is all I use and let my kids use, I keep extra bottles at my moms and aunts so we always have it where ever we go.  I would recomend Ausie to anyone that wants to take control of their hair, I dont have the friz that I used to have with other products after a couple of hours in my hair it looked like I had not done anything to it and there was nothing in it.

Hennessey, OK


Aussie Volume Mousse

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