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Aussie Uluru Elite Stainless Steel Grill

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Stainless steel grill rated top seller !


The best kind of grill one could get . Aussie Uluru elite stainless steel is voted #1 and recommended for outdoor cooking and easy to use . Guaranteed you will love it! Cooks everything on it from steaks to ribs, hamburgers to hot dogs to sausage. So whatever your craving ,cook it on the stainless still grill, the food turns out great and ever better it don't stick!



LOVE this grill!


This has been a great grill for our family. We love to entertain our friends and family, and this grill has the space to grill enough food for a crowd! Performance This grill does a great job of cooking the food evenly. We use this a least 3 times a week during the summer and it has been going strong for the past 2 summers. When we bought this we did pay a small assembly fee to have it put together for us. Having purchased another Aussie grill prior to this one we knew that the assembly directions for these grills are awful, and this time we decided to leave it to the professionals! Versatility The 2 levels on the grill is great for cooking and keeping things warm all at the same time. Ease of Use It is very east to use, and this is the first grill that we have had that it actually lights on the first try every time! Ease of Cleaning Now that we have discovered non-stick grill spray, clean up is a breeze, and this grill cleans up great!

Seattle, WA


This is a very nifty grill.


This grill is a very great choice when it comes to grilling. It's large with plenty of cooking as well as object space. It's stainless stell so you don't have to worry about rusted grilling bars or the rack. Stainless steel is also easy to clean so there's no hardtime cleaning with chemicals and scaraping with those dredful scrapers.Simply some Dawn and a good rag will do the trick. This can be a little hard to assemble but the trouble with worth it all. From simple family cook outs to a large nuisness party grilling,it's great and easy to use.

High Point, NC


Grillmaster quality


Aussie makes great products. This grill is replacing one that is at least 5 years old and has been moved cross country. It has a side burner and rotisserrie. Lots of grilling space and nice even heat. Love the cast iron grids. They should last for a while!!  It cooks steaks fast and easy and when we have a  guests there should be lots of room to cook for a crowd. I'm certain that this grill should last a LONG time and cook great meals.

Fort Mojave, AZ


Aussie Uluru Elite Stainless Steel Grill

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