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Aussie Three Minute Miracle

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The Three Minute Miracle From Down Under


I have always liked the Aussie products, as they smell wonderful, work well, and are quite inexpensive considering the quality. The Three Minute Miracle didn't disappoint--on the contrary, it exceeded my expectations. I live in Southern Arizona, and the dry climate and high summer temperatures are a terrible combination for someone with thick hair that is also somewhat damaged due to coloring in the past. As such, I am always on the lookout for products that help me keep my hair soft, smooth, and healthy. I have found that if I wash my hair first with very warm water, apply the Three Minute Miracle, and don a shower cap, by the time I am done cleaning the rest of my body, my hair is ready for rinsing. I rinse with cool water, and the result is beautiful hair that smells and looks like I just left a beauty salon. When I want extra deep conditioning, I leave the shower cap on, finish my shower, then use my blow dryer on a "warm" setting with the shower cap on for a few minutes. This mimics the effect sitting under a hot dryer in the beauty parlor has, as it fully expands the hair shaft to maximize the moisturizing effect of the Three Minute Miracle. I then rinse the conditioner out with cool water in the sink. In the winter I can get away with using this product once every other week or so, and during the summer I use it twice weekly. I have been using the Three Minute Miracle for a year or so now, and it makes a big difference, especially in the summer. I am seeing a lot less breakage, and a lot fewer split ends. Scent The scent is comparable to many of the higher end salon products.



Aussie not a miracle for my hair.


I have to say I have heard so much positive remarks, posts and reviews about this that I think I am the odd ball on the subject. I bought the Aussie Three Minute Miracle because my hair was thin, dry, lifeless and frizzy. I did some research and decided to buy this. People raved about this stuff. I thought that it was what I needed. I didn't see much difference after using it, though. I don't know why it doesn't work with my hair. I do love the way it smells, though. Yummy! I wish I could say I saw amazing results, but I can't. I still use it, but only about once a month. I'm experimenting to see if it will make a difference in how often I use it. The price is super low, by the way. I have found other products that have helped me and my poor hair. I am happy with the way my hair looks now, so that is all that matters. I hope this works better for you than it did for me. Aussie is a great brand and they make a lot of great products. I would still recommend this to anyone.

Odessa, TX


Love this Aussie conditioner


I've always like the Aussie line of hair care products, so when I saw this new one I had to try it. I have really long hair, so the ends need to have a frequent deep conditioning to stay smooth. Forst of all the packaging is really nifty. It comes is a squeeze bottle that sits upside down. There isn't a cap or anything to flip or turn open. It just has some kind of rubber opening that stops it from leaking unless the conditioner is being intentionally dispensed. The price is great - especially with a coupon. It is a very rich conditioner, so not for everyday use, especially if your hair is prone to oiliness. It removes tangles very quickly and leaves hair feeling noticeably smoother. The smell is awesome. It has that distinct scent that only Aussie products have. The scent remains in your hair fairly well after rinsing out. It is a nice addition to the line, and one that I really enjoy using.

Brooklyn, IA


Ausse Three MInute MIracle- great for special occasions


I am the type of person that buys inexpensive shampoos and conditioner- due to budget constraints.  I have found that my hair always looks best the first time that I change products.  That said, I change products every time I run out.  I bought this stuff last time I was out, and I must say, that again- the first time I used it- it made my hair look phenomenal!  I liked it so much that first time, that I've opted to save this bottle, and have it be my once-in-a-while conditioner that I only use before a special occasion that I want my hair to look great for.  Seriously, after using this stuff the first time, my hair looked just as good as it does when I leave my high end salon.  I do, have no doubt, however, that with continuted day after day use, that these results would quickly diminish.  Regardless, I recognize the value in this inexpensive product, and that if I use it the way I've described, I'll have the ability to have my hair look good- with a little planning.

Aurora, CO


Three Minute Miracle makes a difference when you use it!


Three Minute Miracle makes a difference when you use it!   Shampooing each time leaves a manageable, glossy result.   It doesn;t seem to build up, the way some shampoos do.  I often had to trade out shampoos when one seemed to give poorer results after a few weeks.  This one can be used long term.  I still trade out perhaps every six months, for a few weeks, but it's not a constant try something new so I can get back to good results.  Aussie has a complete line of conditioners and styling products - all of which give excellent results.  Price is not cheap, but not luxury line, with what I feel are luxury results.  Love the anti=frizz products.  I live in a high humidity area, Louisiana, and it has effective ingredients to reduce static / frizz formation.  If it can do it here, it will work anywhere!  I urge you to try it once, you will buy it again, I'm sure.  My teen-age niece recommended it to me - and that age group is a hard sell, much less difficult to get a recommendation from!   Thanx for "listening"

Monroe, LA


Aussie Three Minute Miracle

4.6 5