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Aussie Sun-Touched Shine

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sun touched shine actually works


I like this shampoo for a number of reasons, the first is that it makes my hair really shiny, the second is that it smells wonderful, and rinses clean with no residue, the only thing wrong with it is that it is made in the USA, now I am as pro American as all get out, but what is the point then, is it just a lie because Australians have such great hair, a point I do not recall ever hearing made by anyone, and still a blasted lie of a name call things what they are, people, and you may not prosper, but tough! As to what in the heck anyone has a problem with the lid popping off, I cannot imagine since when the bottle runs dry it is all I can do to pop the lid off and get out the rest, if the lid flies off your bottle perhaps you have a shower poltergiest, and should consult an exocist! And oh my yes if you don't wash your hair often enough it will get oily, tough toenails, really cry me a freaking river, maybe even though the bottle doesn't say lather rinse and repeat, you might wanna do so with every shampoo and not act like the instructions on a bottle of fake Austrailian crap are some kinda holy writ!!! Effectiveness very shiney Scent smells orangey

Cloquet, MN


extremely strong smell


I originally purchased this product off drugstore.com because it was on sale and I wanted to try something new.  I like the effects of most "sun-kissed glow" like shampoos and I love trying out new ones.  Althought I liked the way the shampoo smelled when I smelled it from the bottle, the actual scent it left in my hair was way too strong!  I usually love the wya my hair smells when I use hair products, but this one was so strong that it made me sick.  I had to discontinue using the product immediately because of this, so I was never able to see if the "sun-touched glow" aspect of the product was actually there. I was shocked that the scent of this shampoo affected me so much because perfurmes, etc. rarely affect me.  But I can't say that everyone else who uses this product will have the same issue.  If you like storng, fruit or flowery scents for shampoos then this product may just be for you.  And the price is defintely reasonable!  I would be curious to see how other shampoos of this brand are - hopefully not as strong-scented!

Wilmington, DE


Aussie Sun Touched Shine Shampoo works great


I'm the type of guy that will use whatever is in the shower to wash my hair.  I keep my hair cut short and I don't usually have any special needs like dealing with dandruff or itchy scalp.  I don't generally care what's there - I use it.  But I do specifically ask my wife to buy this stuff for me when I'm running low, especially if it is on sale and / or she has a coupon for it. It smells nice - not fruity or flowery, and works great.  The lather is good, and it rinses clean easily.  My hair feels soft, but isn't too soft or flat.  I don't feel any residue left behind. The product advertises "sun touched shine" but I don't really notice any extra shininess.  It could be because I have such short hair, however. Another bonus is that my wife doesn't mind using this shampoo either, so it's convenient when we travel.  We only have to take one bottle of shampoo that we can both use, and it takes up less space in our luggage.  This is a good unisex shampoo that we can both agree on. On the rare occasions I need a conditioner (usually in the winter), I also like the accompanying sun touched conditioner.

Shavertown, PA


WOW! What a shine!


This review is for Aussie Sun - touched Shine, Shine Enhancing Gel. This smelly good hair gel is great for grabbing a real glossy shine. I have very long hair, down past the derriere, and I love to scrunch Aussie Sun - Touched Shine, Shine Enhancing Gel all throughout my hair. What make a great, bouncy and shiny look, (especially if you have curly or even wavy hair with the slightest waves) is when, right after freshly shampooing my hair, I bend my head over and scrunch this awesome gel in between my hair with my fingers. Then I take a little bit more Aussie Gel and scrunch it onto the ends of my hair with an upward motion. This give even life - less hair a new, fuller, shimmering and shiny look! There are different hold formulas with Aussie Sun - Touched Shine, Shine Enhancing Gel, from flexible hold (control flexible) to super hold. I like the flexible, but even with a  milder gel, Aussie still makes a great look!

Weaubleau, MO


aussie sun touched shine shampoo works wonders.


this is the best shampoo i have ever used.  i have very thick and very curly hair. it is unmanageable most of the time.  with this shampoo it is soft and though still unmanageble my hair looks and feels so much better. i have tried so many other and the results are no where near what i get with aussie sun touched shine shampoo. the price is very reasonable as well. i go online to get a coupon and it is an even better deal. this is a must try in my book. 

Sebastian, FL


Aussie Suntouched Shine making your hair soft and shiny


When I first bought Aussie Suntouched Shine I wasn't sure how it would work, I was attracted to it's smell and the look of the product and I hoped that it would be good on my hair, after using cheap shampoos and other products that had damaged my hair i was skeptical about trying something new, but I was pleasantly surprised by the results. Not only was my hair soft, shiny, and looking good, it smelled great as well. I loved the beachy smell of the shampoo. The downside of the shampoo for me personally was that I have normal, slightly wavy (but mostly straight) hair and when i didn't wash my hair for a couple days my hair became oily. That isn't a real problem though because I usually wash my hair everyday. I really liked the smell and feel this product gave to my hair and not only that but it made my hair easier to style. I definitely recommend to anyone who regularly washes their hair.

Imperial Beach, CA


aussie sun touched shine is the best conditioner i have used!!!


aussie sun touched shine is truely the best product i have and will ever use. after just one use, my hair felt silky smooth and so super soft to touch!! i have and will continue to recomend this product to all of my friends and all of my family. i have always struggled with my dry, lifeless,boring,dull (you can see were i am going with this) hair. i have used so many other products without results anywear near the results i got froms from aussie sun touched shine. with aussie sun touched shine now i feel soo super proud when i walk out in public with my shooth shiny new doo!!honestly it does exactly what is says on the bottle "sun touched shine conditioner, with kisses of natural  guava and sea kelp, healthy looking shine is  as easy as a summer breeze"  although i love this product, i do have one pet peeve. the cap,or lid always pops up letting the conditioner spill all over the floor.i must say that other wise i am a hugh fan of this product and the entier aussie line!

Edison, NJ


Aussie Sun-touched shampoo makes your hair very shiny and soft


The Aussie Sun-touched shampoo is a very good shampoo for the price. It makes your hair shiny and very soft to the touch. You will see a big improvement in the texture of your hair in just one use. When you first use it the difference you will see is amazing. Your hair seems thicker,shinier, and it looks as if you have been out in the sun even in the winter time. Your hair is soft to the touch after only the first use. Each use, your hair will see a significant improvement to the touch and look.

Mount Eden, KY


Aussie Sun-Touched Shine

4.0 8