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Aussie Sun-Touched Shine Hi Hold + Hi Shine Hair Spray

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Inexpensive & Effective Hair Spray


I have curly, thick, and coarse color treated hair and I am pretty impressed with Aussie's Sun Touched Shine Hi Hold and Hi Shine Hair Spray. I also live in Michigan, so in the winter it is dry, cold and windy and in the summer it is hot and humid. This hair spray can handle all of the seasonal climates, which is great because you do not need multiple products for the varying seasons. This hair spray has a great hold for taming fly aways and keeping up dos in place all day long. This hair spray is also very effective for when you want to have your hair down but want to keep it looking polished. However, even after using this product for a couple of weeks I have not noticed a 'hi shine' or sun kissed effect on my hair. But nonetheless this hair spray is inexpensive and very effective. I highly recommend this product for both hair professionals and for those with little to zero hair expertise.



Will not being buying again


I purchased this Aussie hair spray when it was on sale and I had a coupon so I didn't end up paying much for it. Thankfully I didn't because I am very disappointed in it's ability to hold any style at all. I use a little bit of hair spray to help hold my bangs off to the side and out of my eyes but this hair spray does not live up to itself. I find I am going back a few minutes after thinking I am done styling my hair and using more because it is already failing. I love other Aussie hair sprays so expected to like this as much, but it isn't happening. I will use up what is left in my bottle just because I don't want to waste it, but I will not be buying this Aussie hair spray again...coupon or no coupon!! I always like to give something positive though so I will say it does add a tiny bit of shine and it does have a pleasant smell. Overall, I feel it is not worth using even if it were given to me free!

Portage, MI


awsome aussie


I have curly hair but as day goes by, my hair looses the volume and starts to look dull. I tried styling mousse but I realized that it only gets the hair heavier so it would loose volume even faster. So this is why i switched to hair spray. I really don't like to experiment with different products unless I still haven't found what works for me. And for hair spray, the first time I tried Aussie Hi Shine hair spray was the perfect match. My hair keeps the volume every day, even till next morning! I guess they are not kidding about the "instant freeze" feature...  If you spray a continuos mist, you will end having that "helmet' look but I avoid that by spraying small areas at one time. It takes a little more time but I get the desired "very close to natural" look". One thing I don't like about it is that I haev to use much more shampoo to perfectly clean my hair. But considering the advantages I get from using it, this minor inconvenience does not bother me at all.

Beatrice, NE


Aussie Sun-Touched Shine - leave it on the shelf


I have long blonde hair, which makes any kind of hold an issue. Using hair spray is just difficult - hair sprays have a way of turning blonde hair darker when you spray them on. Aussie Sun-Touched is no different. Add to that the fact that this hair spray didn't bother to hold, and it was a disaster from the get-go. Read the directions - you are supposed to spray it on in little bursts. It really comes out fast and furious, and the little bursts are great, doing this means that you're only going to get your face, arms, and clothes coated in hair spray in little bursts at a time instead of all at once. The tip of the sprayer is inaccurate and difficult to control, causing the spray cloud to really coat you well. You don't get patches of wet as with some sprays, but you do get a cloud of mist that goes everywhere. The hairspray does generate a bit of shine and the soft hold is good, not stiff, greasy or wet, but it isn't strong and doesn't last. If you are looking for something to hold your 'do, this isn't going to do it. Like all Aussie products, this hairspray has the traditional scent, so if you're not a fan, be duly warned.

Milwaukee, WI


Gotta love Aussie's hi-hold hi-shine hair spray!


I bought Aussie's Sun-Touched Shine Hi-Hold Hi-Shine Hair Spray because I had previously bought an Aussie hairspray that had a great hold and smell.  This hair spray also delivers.  It doesn't smell as great as some other Aussie products smell for some reason, but it smells fine.  Nothing great, and nothing to get excited over, but it doesn't smell unpleasant by any means.  It does create a sort of sheen that I really enjoy.  The hold is nice, and it isn't ever crunchy in the least.  I like that the creators of Aussie are clever, like the creators of Sunsilk.  I look forward to what I'll read on the bottle.  On the back it says, "There you are...relaxing on the warm beach with your radiant hair holding up so nicely.  And that drink in your hand holding up icely.  And then the traffic light turns green.  Escape with Sea-kelp accented Hi Hold and Hi Shine."  And then of course there's the no worries guarantee on the front of the bottle, offering some sort of assurance.  Anyway, this hairspray holds well.  Not for EXTREME hairdos, but will hold for most anything but.  Smells pleasant enough and makes hair shiny.

Layton, UT


Aussie Hi Hold + Hi Shine doesn't work for fine hair


I have fine hair and did not like the way this product performed with it at all.  It had a decent hold, but definitely not an all day hold.  It was heavy going on and left my hair weighed down and greasy looking rather than shiny.  The nozzle seems to deliver too much spray.  I expected a mist and feel as if I'm being doused with the product.  I wouldn't totally rule it out if your hair is thick or coarse, but I sure would not recommend it for fine hair.

Conover, NC


Aussie Sun-Touched Shine Hi Hold + Hi Shine Hair Spray

3.0 6