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Aussie Opposites Attract Conditioner

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Aussie Opposites Attract Conditioner Gets Hair Under Control


A conditioning product needs to perform a few basic tasks to be considered useful. It needs to soften and smooth the hair, add control, moisturize, etc. One product that covers most all of the bases is **Aussie Opposites Attract Conditioner.** **Conditioner Commentary:** ** ** Aussie Opposites Attract Conditioner is a thick conditioning agent with the same scent as Aussie shampoos. The smell is fragrant and is the type that will be acceptable by most anyone who uses it, male or female. As I said, a conditioner needs to perform well at a few basic functions to be considered worthwhile and Aussie Opposites Attract Conditioner does exactly that. After using this conditioner, hair is smoother, softer, and more in control. My dry hair, depending on the season, can get out of control and I constantly find myself going to the restroom and patting it down with water. There is no such problem when I use this conditioner. My hair maintains its form much better than it does when I don't condition. Aussie Opposites Attract Conditioner is very good at performing as promised, but I have noticed that I don't quite get the level of shine with this conditioner like I do with others. Still, my hair looks good and it feels soft and manageable, so I can tolerate this small flaw. ** ** **Bottom- Line Viewpoint:** Aussie Opposites Attract Conditioner is a very good product from Aussie, which is one of my favorite names in moderate to low priced hair care. A bottle of this conditioner is priced right and it performs very well. It isn't the greatest out there, but it is a good value for the money and most consumers will like the results. Effectiveness This conditioner adds control, moisturizes, and softens hair Scent Very fragrant, soapy, and acceptable.

Houston, TX


This stuff makes my hair feel great!


I LOVE using this conditioner.  I have used it for a few years now about once a week and I can really see a difference.  First of all, the smell is fantastic!  It has a nice grap smell and leaves your hair smelling fresh and clean all day long.  The bottle is designed very well and easy to handle in the shower. The price is fairly cheap and the Sunday paper usually has coupons to make it even cheaper.  This whole line is so wonderful and I would recommend it to anyone!  Aussie also has great customer service that is willing to help you out.  They also have a money back guarantee.  If you buy anything of theirs and do not like it, you can return it in 30 days with your receipt and they will give you your money back, no questions asked!  Not many companies can promise you that!  If you need an inexpensive conditioner that will make your hair soft and smelling good, this is the conditioner for you!  

Greenville, SC


Aussie Opposites Attract Conditioner

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