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Aussie Mousse + Leave-in conditioner

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Only Mousse I will use


This is the best mousse I have been able to find. A lot of other brands of mousse will leave my hair with white flakes on the top of my hair, this one does not. Aussie mousse holds all day long, through all the errands I have to run and all the hair pulling from my child. Excellent!!




Good for what it does


This mousse is good for what it does. When I bought this I was looking for something I could put in my hair after swimming to make my hair less frizzy and tangled. I found it very nice smelling and light, but it didnt do anything to help with my problem. It made my hair smell very nice, and made it very soft but it did not serve the purpose i was looking for.


Schenectady, NY


Average Mousse


I have recently tried this product. I work out daily and get all sweaty and have to shower. As a result my hair can get dried out from shampooing etc. I was intrigued by this product because it sounds like a step of leave in conditioner would be combined and help save me some time. I like the nozzle on the mousse can itself because it seems sturdier than some other brands I have tried. The mousse itself was light and not annoyingly sticky or artificial feeling on my hands. I scrunch my hair when towel dry and still a bit wet to try and add shine and shape to my wavy hair. This mousse achieved this purpose, but it didn't really help or hurt my dry in need of conditioning problem. Good mousse, neutral leave in conditioner.


Lees Summit, MO


Aussie does it again with mousse with conditoner!


I love my Aussie line, and they have done it again with the mousse with conditioner. I sometimes feel when i add mousse or any kind of styling aid that i'm going to dry out my hair, but that's totally the opposite with this styler. My hair feels great, not weighed down from niether the mousse or conditoner. even when i wash my hair the next time after using this stuff, my hair is still feeling great. This is totally worth paying full price for. I bought this at my local pharmacy when the aussie line was one sale, and i had a coupon which made my purchase even better. i've not seen this particular styling aid everywhere, so i'm gonna be stocking up on it! another great product that will me a must have for me!


Indianapolis, IN


Aussie mousse makes my hair look great


I have had curly hair all my life and have used alot of products to make my hair look fabulous and aussie mousse with leave in conditioner is definetley the best.Alot of mousses make my hair look hard and crunchy not to mention alot of them smell really wierdI had almost given up hope when a friend told me to try aussie megas mousse with leave in conditioner.I took her advice and fell in love.This is the only product I use on my hair now..Aussie mousse with leave in conditioner controls my curls without making them look crunchy and when I use it everyone says "your hair smells so good".The leave in conditioner is an added bonus because it helps control the frizz and helps keep my hear healthy looking.


Dallas, GA


Aussie Catch The Wave Mousse


I think this is a great product at a decent price. It is easy to apply and doesn't weigh down my hair. I have naturally curly/wavy hair and I have a constant battle with frizz. This probably isn't the best mousse I've ever used but it's definitely up there as one of my all time favorites. My hair doesn't frizz with this mousse under normal circumstances. If the humidity is extremely high I don't think anything would really work that well. But it does better than a lot of other mousse products I've tried so it's definitely a keeper for me. It doesn't take a huge amount of product either to get results. I like that it does control my hair but it doesn't really feel like I'm using a product at all.


De Soto, IL


Another great Aussie product- mousse and leave in conditioner


Sometimes I want my hair to look a little different. I have dry, curly, long, thick hair. While it sounds nice, it can be a pain to deal with. It dries out quickly. It is difficult to style in any way. I also have 8 active busy children that I homeschool. A long time in the bathroom styling my hair is NOT an option. So usually it's spray in conditioner, comb it through, and run after whoever is running naked through the house. For a change, it's nice to have other options that also condition my hair. I get out of the shower, comb through my hair then add this product, the Aussie mousse and leave in conditioner, run my fingers through it, and I'm done. I have a different look with more defined curls and can do something with it later without worrying about what will happen to my hair in the meantime. I can feel the difference. It doesn't weigh my hair down like some gels, it isn't horribly crunchy and untouchable like hair spray, and it feels good on my hair. This is a product I recommend to anyone with hair you want a little more control over without the weight.


Kansas City, MO


Aussie Mousse, Not My Thing!


Let me start out by saying, In general, I really do like Aussie products. However, this one just did not work work for me. To be honest, I normally just use a cheaper brand of mousse and have great results, but I tried this because I had a coupon. I have naturally curly, long hair and had high anticipations for this product. I washed my hair as normal and then put in the product. The product itself is light and airy and easy to apply, but the overall results, I have to say this product let me down. I thought I would fine my hair feeling soft, however, it was dry or "crunchy" and not very attractive. The leave in conditioner was no where to be found. This is not the look for naturally curly hair. When washing my hair afterwards, it seemed to wash out okay. No heavy residue left at all. I would not recommend this product to others, at least not people with curly hair. Maybe it works better for people with thinner and shorter hair.


Palmdale, CA


Aussie Mousse + Leave In Conditioner is a great styling product!


AUSSIE Catch the Wave Mousse Plus Leave In conditioner.  Lie back and relax!  Mousse pluse leave in conditioner styles and conditions for stunning style, flexible hold.  Life's a beach when you have healthy smooth locks that'll lock and look how you want ' em.  Just work it through damp hair for stunning style on the spot. Contains no CFCs which deplete the ozone layer, formula meets state clean air standards, contains natural australian ingredients.  ADD SOME ROO TO YOUR DO Satisfaction Guaranteed, 1-8-NO-WORRIES,1-800-947-2656, Made in USA of US  and / or Imported Ingredients.  Distributed by Redmond Products Inc. in Cincinnati Ohio.  Radiant hair in one use. Comes in four formulas, flexible, strong, maximum and extreme, is in a six point eight ounce purple can with the recognizable kangaroo on the front, as all Aussie products have.  I love Aussie hair products, they make your hair feel really good, i have really thick hair and this makes styling after washing so much easier with great results.  Smells Great, not sticky, easy to apply, de-frizzes, light and doesn't weigh hair down.  Great Product.


Monticello, KY


Aussie Mousse + Leave-in Conditioner is great for limp hair!


Aussie Mousse + Leave-In Conditioner did not do what I thought it would or should..  The store I was shopping at was out of my usual product (Aussie Sprunch Spray).  I have used mousse products on my hair before.  I thought this would probably work well, so I bought it.  I need to explain that I have thick wavy hair that can be "coaxed" into curls with the right product.  After shampooing my hair, I towel dried it.  I then applied a generous amount of Aussie Mousse + Leave-In COnditioner and styled my hair as usual.  It was soft and shiny when I was finished.  But; it was as limp as a rag!!!  It left my hair slightly wavy, but not at all curly.  I felt that this product was too heavy to be a leave-in conditioner and will not use it again.  It would probably work well if you were not trying to style your hair in a way that required some hold.  The use of a hairspray when I was finished did not even help.  I am disappointed in this product.


Fort Smith, AR


Aussie Mousse + Leave-in conditioner

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