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Aussie Mega Shampoo

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If you are looking for the perfect shampoo, look no farther.


If you are looking for the perfect shampoo, look no farther.  **Aussie Shampoo Mega For Normal Hair 16oz is an awesome product.  The grape like smell will surely open your eyes wider and make your day brighter.  This shampoo does wonders for dry and oily hair.  You only have to use a small amount and it makes your hair appear fuller and healthier.  It cuts down the need for washing your hair on a daily basis, as it lasts several days. I strongly suggest this product.**


Clarksville, VA


I like the Aussie shampoo and conditioner... hate the bottle!


I bought Aussie Shampoo and Conditioner and like the product, but hate the bottle it comes in. Both come in a purple bottle with an impossible to open lid. I had a horrible time opening both bottles. It probably made it worse to be in the shower and wet and try to open it. My husband and son also had a hard time opening the bottle, so it isn't just me. My 6 year old son came out of the shower and said he hasn't been washing his hair because he hasn't been able to open the bottle. At that point, I pulled out a different shampoo and conditioner and pitched the remainder of the Aussie. It wasn't worth it to have my son run around with dirty hair. On a good point, I did email the company that makes this product and complained about not being able to open it and they sent me two free coupons for more product. I will get them and donate them to our church food pantry. Hopefully, they will go to someone who is stronger than my family.


Oak Harbor, OH


Aussie left a yucky buildup


This shampoo says that it's for "normal" hair, and I have always thought of my hair as pretty normal, so I thought it would work. What really interested me in purchasing the Aussie was the delicious fruity smell. However, the results were far from great. I found that after a few uses, I started to develop build up on my scalp. It also started to feel not-so-clean and got greasy within a day, which is not something usual for my hair at all. It still smelled really nice, but it did not feel clean or have the usual clean bounce that I am used to unfortunately. I'm not sure if maybe it's not right for my hair and scalp, or if maybe my scalp was just going through a difficult phase that happened to coincide with using the shampoo, because others certainly seem to give it good reviews. As for me, I won't be using Aussie again anytime soon. I really prefer to stick with Redken, which may cost a bit more, but always leaves my hair and scalp 100% clean and soft.


Lindsborg, KS


Aussie Shampoo is just OK


I usually use the salon brands and I was going to try something different.  I can not say that I don't like the shampoo but I do have to wash my hair more with the less expensive brands.  I do like the way it smells and I enjoyed the ease of going to the super market to get this but I think I will stick with the more exspensive products for my hair.


Central Point, OR


I did not love Aussie Mega


While Aussie does make one of my favorite shampoos, I am not hugely fond of Aussie Mega shampoo.  I wasn't sure about it because it felt a little lotiony to me. I will say that Aussie Mega did do a good job on my hair the first time I used it.  I didn't mind the smell even though it was a little flowery for my personal taste. Plus, I was able to dry my hair straight the way I like to. But, the second time I used it, it made my hair feel somewhat grimy and it seemed to feel like I had shampoo induced build up.  It made it feel too oily for me.  I have hair that is pretty long and relatively normal in thickness, but it can get oily pretty easily. This shampoo made it look a little oily even right after I dried it.  I can imagine it would work very nicely for people with dry hair who are looking to add moisture to their hair, but it just isn't for me.  On the plus side, Ausie can be inexpensive to buy, and there are often coupons avaliable in the paper for it. 


Hiram, GA


This is the best shampoo that I have used


I have tried three other shampoos in my life time and I found that none of them have worked as well as this paritcular brand of shampoo. One plus for me when looking for a new shampoo is to find one that the smell will remain with you for a while. The other brands that I have used the smell only last a couple hours after taking a shower but I can guarentee after long use of this type that won't be the case. Another plus of using this shampoo is that it helps keep your hair healthier for longer. It has little beads that go in and repair damage hair. This feature is on most shampoos but I believe that it works the best on this particular product. I don't know if it has this feature on all the types of shampoo but I know that on the one I have it has anti- frizz in the shampoo. Many places where you go and it is very humid can make your hair frizzy easily, especially in places in the south. Everyone that I know that has tried this shampoo have said that this is the best and they would not switch unless they have to. So, do not be with out when it comes to shampoo and get the best one out there. It will keep your hair looking beautiful for longer and at less money then most people have to pay for it. Do not wait for your hair to tel you that you need to switch, do it and you will not regret it.


Fort Worth, TX


aussie shampoo cleans hair well and makes it smell nice.


i like the way aussie shampoo smells and it cleans your hair very nice and gives it body. i have thin hair and aussie makes me feel like i have more hair. it is very eary to manage my hair after every shampoo. will keep buying aussie for normal hair. and i stock up on it when it is on sale.


Glendora, CA


the price is right


While Aussie Mega shampoo definitely isn't my favorite shampoo ever it is a really good value.  In addition to the fact that it is one of the less expensive of the major non-salon brands of hair products, it is frequently on sale and there are often coupons for Aussie products in the Sunday paper.  So, you can get a good shampoo for next to nothing with a little planning.  I really like that this product is not watered down.  A lot of inexpensive shampoos are so thin that they are not really a good deal at all.  That is not the case with Aussie Mega.  I've had the same bottle for so long I can't even remember when I bought it. Granted, I have short hair, but that does not change the fact that it really lasts. I like that is is plain white and not filled with crazy colored dyes.  As far as the scent goes I'm indifferent.  I do not love it, but I have a low tolerance for a lot of the perfumes that are used in cosmetics and I don't find the smell of this shampoo offensive at all.


Indianapolis, IN


The Best I have found


This shampoo by far is the best that I have tried. I love the way that it smells and the fact that it isn't oily or greasy.  That is on my hair.  I have tried shampoos from the least expensive to the most expensive and Aussie is the best that I have found.  I have thick wavy hair and it frizzes very easily.  when I use aussie it doesn't friz it is very managable and is never greasy.  Also, I don't have to wash it as often as I had to with other shampoos.  I especially like that fact that a little goes a long way.  You only have to use a small amount and it lathers very well.  Rinses out good and doesn't leave any residue build up......and smells wonderful.  This is really hard to write 900 characters about a shampoo there really isn't that much to say except that i love it.........love it ........love it and will not go back or try anything else.  My daughter always wants me to try hers but no way.


Bridgeport, WV


Aussie Mega Moisturising Shampoo is my favorite.


My revue is for Aussie Mega Moisturising Shampoo.  I color my hair and with all the torture of blowdrying and hot rollers, etc.,  my hair tends to get dry and lifeless.  I tried this shampoo and right away I was happy with the way it lathered in the showere and the nice smell that it had.  I also used an Aussie conditioner for volume with the shampoo.  After my shower, I blew dry my hair and used my hot rollers.  My hair looked amazing!  My hair was shinier than I had ever seen it and the curls were loose and manageable.  I usually have some frizzies, but this shampoo seemed to eliminate them.  Not only did my hair look good, but it felt great too.  It was soft and full, and really felt soft.  This shampoo must give dry hair exactly what it needs because my curls stayed in for 3 days.  Yes, they were looser but my hair still looked great.  i really love everything there is about this shampoo and reccomend it highly.


Baldwinsville, NY


Aussie Mega Shampoo

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