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Aussie Instant Freeze Sculpting Mousse

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Totally Tames My Curly Hair


I love this product! I like to use it right after getting out of the shower, after lightly towel drying my hair, and then I follow up with my normal gel and let it air dry. It totally tames my friz and keeps my hair nicely curled without making it crunchy. Finding this product in the lower price range definitely makes it a must try product!



Aussie Instant Freeze works like it says.


Aussie Instant freeze sculpting mousse works like it says. The bottle states "Freeze and hold it right there!" I put it in my hair, very damp, and it dries within a minute and stays that way all day. My hair is thick and takes a lot for it to stay curled but this helps! It has an amazing smell to it instead of the nasty chemical smell.



Aussie Mousse- Instant Freeze, great for curly hair!


Let me begin by explaining that I have tried almost every mousse on the market. I have very curly hair, and I have tried gels, stylers and anything else possible. I even have tried products made for ethnic hair types. I found that Aussie's line actually do what their ads and titles say. I have used all of their different kinds of mousse but found that the instant freeze is the best for my specific hair type. I have thick curly and long hair. I apply a good amount of this mousse when it is still wet and top it off with the Aussie sprunch spray, for magazine perfect results. The scent is unique, and they recently changed it to something a bit more strong, but it is still pleasant. I cannot do my hair without this product anymore and not all store sell this particular kind, so it is a gem when you can actually find it. The price is on point and is great for every day use. I would reccommend this product to anyone.

Johnston, RI


Aussie Instant Freeze Sculpting Mousse

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