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Auria 55" LC HDTV

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We bought an Auria Model EQ5588 two days ago. We got a fantastic price on it, and it was easy to hook up. The picture quality is better than the Sylvania HD tv we had, but I kind of suspected that we weren't getting the best picture on that tv, due to DirecTV never hooking it up correctly. We are somewhat happy with the picture, but when there is a quick movement on the screen, there is a blur that trails behind the movement. I have contacted DirecTV, and they were unable to help. They say that the problem is with the tv itself. The manual that came with the tv has a customer service phone number, but when I call it, there is no answer. Nor, does it go to voicemail, an answering machine, or anything. It just continues to ring. I've searched online and have not been able to find a contact number or email either. I contacted a company that sells their products, and they gave me a website to try to help me. That website only gave the same phone number that I had been calling all day. So, unless I am able to find a contact number, or someone finally decides to answer the phone, I guess I'm stuck with a tv that is blurry.

Carleton, MI


Auria 55" LC HDTV

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