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Audix - OM3 Professional Microphone

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Worked great on tom toms and cymbals


I had started to accumulate a sound system, starting with a mixer, monitors and mikes. I figured that a full-blown system would have to be acquired gradually, due to cost. With good mikes, I could rent what I needed for gigs. Clubs and festivals will usually provide a sound system. For single-band concerts, the band usually provides the sound system. I figured that, at my intended usage, good used equipment would work well and last. I saw a lot on Ebay with 2 of these, a Shure SM57 and a Shure SM58 for around $200 and the seller had great feedback and would throw in mike cords and clips. While researching the lot, I saw that the vendor recommended this for guitar, snare, tom toms and drums. I was loking for versatile mikes that could be used with my band of choice, myself on saxes, a guitar, an electric bass and a drummer. When my first big concert arrived, I planned to use these on the high drums. using a boom mike stand, I wanted to position these from above and get the cymbals and tom-toms. These mixes are unidirectional, meaning that they will detect sound from all around the mike, and hypercardoid, meaning very sensitive. The gig went great. I got great comments from the audience, including from profesisonal musicans, and my scheme of having two mikes on drums, the other being on bass drum, worked great. This mike did well with the cymbals and the toms. I recommend it. Please check out details on my upcoming LIVE CD release at www.jazzobsession.comAny reader who has questions can contact me through www.jazzobsession.com or my Viewpoints member page.    

Skokie, IL


Audix - OM3 Professional Microphone

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