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Audiovox - Snapper Cell Phone

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It does the job for me.


 I have a Us Cellular Audiovox flip phone.  It is the only company I have gone with and am satisfied with the service.  It serves it's purpose for what little I use it.  My children wanted me to get one when I was on the road alone for in case of an emergency. Although I do make all my long distance phone calls on it now instead of using my home phone.  I'm one not to talk long on it.  It has e-mail, internet, etc. available but I don't really have a desire to want those extras.  I think I have only texted once. Very seldom use half of the minutes that I have on my plan.  I have never used the earphone plug that came with it.  When I have to use the phone, I try to use common sense and pull over if someone calls me when I am on the road.  People get to distracted when talking on the phone and driving.  I hope they pass a law that one cannot drive while talking on their cell phone.  Too many accidents because people do foolish things while driving and it is usually the innocent ones that get killed or hurt bad.


Brooklyn, IA


Can it get any better ?


This is one of the most modern cell phone companies. The freedom the plans provided give. The cell phone offered are not at the top of the tech. food chain, but it has all the required. And last but no where near least, the extras rule(hurray sugar mama).


Bell, CA


Audiovox - Snapper Cell Phone

3.5 2