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Audio-Technica ATH-EM7GM Headphones

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Ultraportable and a pleasure to use as well..


Originally I was skeptical with these headphones because of their design. I am not too familiar with clip one headphones at first but in the end I was in for a treat. I purchased these not too long ago with the intention of purchasing headphones that are both ultraportable and produced half decent sound quality as well. These headphones by all means blew me away. The mids were pronounced and the production of fine details of sounds were there. The bass was deep and detailed as well. The high were in no way harsh and were satisfying to listen to. One gripe I have with these headphones if I had to knickpick is the output of bass but for what bass that is there, it is some of the most cleanest bass I've heard from any headphone. Sound Quality The sound quality would definitely satisfy the majority of ipod listeners today unless you are a basshead. Comfort Very ergonomic. However the clips don't do the greatest job keeping these on. Design You either love it or you hate it. No other way to say it. Durability For as long as I had them(1 year), they still sound and look like I first bought them.

San Diego, CA


Audio-Technica ATH-EM7 GM Headphones


When I first received the headphones and saw the package, I was disappointed.  I thought the speakers would be larger in diameter based on the pictures; more like 2" wide instead of 1.4".  They are very thick in contrast, >0.5".  I still don't think the form factor makes very much of sense. The headphones are extremely well made, though, much better made than any other clip-on headphones I've ever seen.  The housings are high quality aluminum like it says in the description.  The hinges are large and are actually made out of aluminum as well.  The other side of the housings is high quality black plastic.  The speakers are covered by a cushy thick nylon wrapped pad.  It doesn't look like you could replace the nylon wrap if it tears like most cheap headphone sets. Only a thin steel wire holds the headphones on your ears.  There is also a piece of very flexible rubber attached to the wire, but it's just there to make the headphones more comfortable.  I was worried that the wire would get bent over time or that the rubber piece would stretch or tear, but they look as good as new after over a year. The cord is wrapped in woven nylon, and feels very high quality.  It will still tangle, but it is easier to untangle.  The cord section attached to the headphones is only about two feet long; at my height it is way to short for any use.  A 3 1/2 foot extension cord is included as well, but I think they should have just made the cord on the headphones a reasonable length, ~4'.  With the extension attached the cord is way too long, and it tends to get snagged on things. If you pull on the wire, the hinge will open to about 60 degrees.  The hinge is spring loaded and it clicks into place.  With the hinge closed the headphones will lightly squeeze your ears.  You can open the hinge with the headphones on to have a conversation (so that the speakers sit out at an angle), but you will look exceedingly geeky. The sound quality is acceptable.  I don't expect a whole lot from a compact set of headphones.  They do a very good job reproducing mid-high range sounds.  You won't hear much bass, but at least it isn't replaced by distortion.

Sioux Falls, SD


Audio-Technica ATH-EM7GM Headphones

4.5 2