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Audio-Technica ATH-ANC7b Headphones

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Life changing on a plane.


These were originally my girlfriends but I co-opted them after several years of minimal use. I recently was on a 5 hour flight and these were incredible. I had a family of 5 in front of me and a family of 4 beyond me, each of whom had very young children. But I had no clue they existed with the noise canceling feature turned on. In fact I often sat with no music on but just the noise canceling turned on to drown out the ambient noise of the plane. It was extremely eye opening when I took them off to order a beverage just how well they were blocking out the sound. The sound quality is great, although to be fair I really only have my iPod earbuds to compare to. There is much more bass and richness of sound from these Audio-Technicas. I also had never used an over the ear headphone before and was concerned about comfort but I actually found them more comfortable over time. I frequently wear my earbuds for hours at a time at work and sometimes my ears will start to be a little uncomfortable. But after 2 five hour flights these headphones were still very comfortable. Sound Quality Excellent, especially compared to Apple earbuds. Comfort Very comfortable: I wore these for hours at a time and could see doing so day in and day out with no problems.



Audio-Technica ATH-ANC7b Headphones

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