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Aubrey Organics
Aubrey Organics Natural Sun SPF 25

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A great natural sunscreen


I love all natural personal care products and Aubrey Organics is one of my favorite brands. They have been making their Natural Sun sunscreen products for a long time, and they are available in different levels of SPF. Aubrey Organics Natural Sun contains zinc oxide and titanium dioxide which help protect from the sun. It also protects us from both UVA and UVB rays. It also contains macadamia & kukui nut oils which are moisturizing to the skin, as well as jojoba oil (organic) and shea butter. This does not smell like other sunscreens I've used, and for that I am thankful. Although I love coconut, I don't like coconut scented creams, and so many sunscreens on the market today smell like coconut. This version by Aubrey Organics has a fresh and natural scent. Because it contains zinc oxide it does tend to take some extra rubbing to get it to absorb into the skin, but it feels smooth and luxurious. I also like the fact that Aubrey uses no nanoparticles, and there has been some negative press about these ingredients in recent years. The consistency of this sunscreen is a bit thicker than the hand creams I use, but it still goes on smooth and isn't too hard to rub into the skin. When wearing this my skin does not burn, and I feel better about using this on my young granddaughter than some of the chemically laden sunscreens on the market. Scent Does not smell like a coconut, a very fresh scent that is not offensive Absorption A bit thicker than some creams because it does not contain nonoparticles, but it absorbs easily enough Longevity Protects for several hours at a time, provided I do not go swimming or sweat too much Effectiveness Protects me from the sun as advertised Ease of Application Easy to apply, absorbs fairly well

Eagle River, AK


Organic, safe for kids, gentle to skin & prevents sunburn!


Aubrey Organics Natural Sun SPF 25 is a terrific product for both children and adults. It is safe to use liberally, as it has no nanoparticles (which also means it was safe to make). The cream is easy to see as you apply because it has titanium dioxide in it, so you know where you've already applied. There is no coconut smell for those who despise that "tropical" scent. The product gently smells of green tea and titanium dioxide, which also gives it a lovely green tea color, which goes away as you rub it in. I use this cream on my toddler's skin and there is never a sunburn, even after prolonged exposure to the harsh summer rays. I recommend Aubrey Organics Natural Sun very highly to all.

Bothell, WA


Aubrey Organics Natural Sun SPF 25

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