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Aubrey Organics
Aubrey Organics Gpb Conditioner Liquid 11 oz

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Love the Aubrey Products


I love the Aubrey Organics conditioners. I especially like this one. It works quite well -- my hair behaves well with it and lays nicely. It also doesn't seem to irritate my scalp like some products can. I like that you can typically read and understand EVERYTHING that is in an Aubrey conditioner! All natural and no nasty chemicals. And it can be used as a regular or a deep conditioner (where you leave it on for longer and it provides more conditioning for dryer or more damaged hair). Seems to strengthen hair some and doesn't seem to create the same build up you get from alot of those grocery store conditioners. Effectiveness I think it works very well and conditions nicely. Scent I love the scents they use -- none of that phony chemical smell. Typically natural scents from real flowers and real plants. Leaves the shower and my hair smelling very nice and pleasant (but not so strong the entire building can smell me coming!)

Saint Louis, MO


Best natural condition on the market!


First of all-it works! I've been using this brand of condition for more than five years. It's to superior to other natural or organic ones that I've tried. On top of that, it really doesn't have a lot of bad chemicals in it. If you look at most of the other organic hair products on the market, even those in health food stores, they ALL have a lot of bad chemicals on their label. This product does not. It leaves my hair manageable and soft. Never frizzy. Never weighed down. Effectiveness Works better than any other conditioner I've ever used, including all those chemical laden ones you find in regular supermarkets. Leaves my hair soft and tangle free. Leaves a lustrous finish and shine. Doesn't weigh my hair down. Scent It has a very, very light scent. I don't like scents and being chemically sensitive this conditions is excellent. Smells very natural with no perfumes or unnecessary aromas in it. I like that about this conditioner.



Aubrey Organics GPB Conditioner is too strong for me


I have very thin, wavy hair but I've got a lot of it. It ranges from oily to dry depending on how often I wash it and with what. Finding a conditioner that will moisturize my hair without leaving it looking oily and unclean can be a real challenge. Unfortunately, Aubrey GPB conditioner just is not right for my hair type. The conditioner is very thick, and has a pleasant and natural scent that reminds me of plants without being particularly floral. It's a pale color and almost iridescent, which I like even though I know how my conditioner looks isn't a big deal. Using the conditioner, I was again pleased by the smell. In the shower, results seemed okay - my hair felt soft and smooth like I expect. I had no tangles and my hair was easily combed. Once my hair was dry, however, I found that the Aubrey GPB left my hair looking oily and weighed down. It felt soft but the appearance was lacking. This conditioner seems like it would be ideal for those with very dry (instead of somewhat/occasionally dry) hair. The smell and appearance are very pleasant. For those with thinner hair, take caution.

Chicago, IL


Aubrey Organics Gpb Conditioner Liquid 11 oz

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