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Athletic Works
Athletic Works Ankle Weights (5 lbs.)

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Athletic Works Ankle Weights - Work If You Do


Athletic Works Ankle Weights (5 lb. each) are a great addition to your home exercise equipment.  They're comfortable, extremely durable, well-designed, and available at a reasonable cost.  These weights are made of sand sewn into separate padded pockets to lessen the chance of one leak ruining the entire weight.  The weights measure 14" x 5 1/2", with the velcro attachment a full 3" long on each end to ensure a snug and solid attachment that is not going to gradually loosen and fall off during whatever routine you're working on.   I've used this set of ankle weights for an abdominal program that I've done daily for about 10 years now and they still look brand-new.  To give you any indication of my "Ma Walton" persona, I use these in conjunction with an even older set by a different brand that is supplemented with duct tape. In other words, if you put in the time and the work, these ankle weights will gladly come along for the ride, and do so comfortably and effectively. Happy Workout! NOTE:  Ankle weights come in many sizes, with 1 lb being the smallest and 5 lbs being the heaviest that are commonly available.  As with any exercise program, start small!  In fact, you should be able to do an exercise easily and completely before contemplating adding weights to an exercise and/or full exercise program.

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Athletic Works Ankle Weights (5 lbs.)

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