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Asus Notebook

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nice good

mounir brtouli .MA


i would buy this product


good product is available.And get it from your company that was good in communication in the pc in the Internet and Wi-Fi and take pictures and download videos and memory storage is good for data storage



I would like to buy this product for demo purpose


excellent for demo purpose and meeting

kuwait city


Cute little Asus netbook


I bought this cute little asus netbook when netbooks had just started coming out. It was only two pounds so I thought it would be perfect for me to carry to school. I imagined using it to type of notes during class and to surf the web in between classes. I ended up only taking to school a few times because 2 pounds actually feels pretty heavy after a whole day of classes. I went on a trip to another country and I was so glad that I was able to go online while spending two months in another country. The netbook is great for simple chatting or web surfing. However the screen is pretty darn small and so are the keys. My fingers are small so I am able to type on it but others may feel their fingers are pretty cramped when typing on the asus keyboard. After almost 3 years of on and off usage my netbook battery runs out of battery extremely quickly and the computer heats up easily. I kind of regret getting it because I hardly ever use it now. The tiny 7 inch screen is not that practical. It was 5 stars when i first got it but its not that great now that there are other slightly larger netbooks that came out with the lower prices.

New York, NY


The EEE PC 701 performs like Mighty Mouse


The Asus EEE 701 PC SD is a great portable little netbook. If you need something versatile and compact for basic on-the-go computing necessities, this is the netbook for you! If you need or desire a small, extremely portable netbook for basic internet or word processing applications, the Asus EEE 701 is a nice tertiary computer. Although, this only has a 7 inch wide screen, it still has nice color and durability. It only comes with a 8 GB SD card for it's internal memory, but can be easily and cheaply upgraded. If you only need a compact computer for airplane travel or internet availability on the move, this is a more than adequate product for the small amount of money. If you need a disc drive, this netbook falls short, but usually you can get by with flashdrives anyway. I purchased this as a low cost alternative to an I-PAD, as I needed a real keyboard and wanted something that was more robust. This little netbook is just what I need for plane or train rides and surfs the net just fine. The Asus EEE PC 701 is a good functioning and low-cost alternative to other notebooks or the IPAD and definitely suits my travel and school computing needs efficiently.

Curtice, OH


The EEE PC 701 SD is a good first laptop!


The EEE PC 710 SD is a cheap, efficient laptop.  If you are looking for a first computer, a laptop for the computer illiterate or a child the EEE PC is a good choice.  It is very self- explanatory and easy to use.  Even the handbook is well written and easily understood.  The desktop is set up using tabs for work, play, learn, internet, favorites, help and settings.  This separates files and programs in a practical way.  The EEE PCs come in a variety of colors, comes with a built in web cam, speakers, mic, rechargeable battery, preinstalled anti-virus, media player, games, memory card and other features.  It does not come with Windows XP installed, however, it can simply be installed if needed.  The lithium battery does not seem to hold a charge for long, but does recharge fast.  The LCD display panel is small, as is the whole unit, but very light weight.  The keyboard is much smaller than usual, which causes more spelling errors due to smaller keys and the close proximity of them.  The EEE PC is an adequate laptop for pleasure, school, or light work!        

Cherry Tree, PA


Asus Notebook

4.2 6