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Asus Notebook PC

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Fast & Affordable


I purchased the Asus U30JC Notebook PC after doing some research on the Asus brand.  I saw this computer at the store and was impressed with the style and features that it offered.  I purchased online in the bronze color because the reviews mentioned that the black reveals noticeable fingerprints.  The computer arrived in the black.  It was a long drawn out process to receive the bronze.  In the end I had no choice but to stay with the black.  Aside from the visible fingerprints and smudges that are quite noticeable the computer itself is great.  It's fast and durable.  It downloads easily and I can play online games quickly which was important to me.  It has great connectivity and battery last a long time.  The memory and storage on this computer is adequate.  For the features that this computer offers the price is reasonabe. The Asus tech center was helpful and quite knowledgable as I had to contact them on a couple of occassions.  Ease of Use this computer is great and portable.

Saint Anne, IL


Impressive little laptop


The Asus u30jc is an impressive laptop. It uses the newer generation of core i3 (or i5 depending which version you buy), and has a plethora of features. One of those features is a dual graphic card (onboard and ATI) which can be switch during realtime, so that when using normally that doesn't need to be graphic intensive can be done on the onboard card, and when the user needs to play games that requires more power can be done through the actual graphics card. This allows the laptop to use less energy, and increase battery lifetime. The battery lifetime is extremely good. Though the ASUS website boasts a full 12 or 10 hours (depending on where you get the information), I found it closer to 9 hours idle/minimal work, and about 7 hours with CPU usage around 80% constantly. That gives this laptop a good battery rating. The only issue I found with this laptop is that it has a bit of a mousepad issue. Searching online I found that several people have encountered this, which I believe is a hardware issue. Sometimes the mouse will not respond very well, causing either it to jump around or just plain doesn't work. Calling their tech support didn't really help. Overall, a very good laptop, despite the mouse issue. Incredible little machine.

Danville, CA


Asus is a Fast Computer


This computer is very fast and accurate. They are often used as a gaming computer so they have to be fast and powerful. When you press the power button it powers up really quickly. The internet is very fast because of this computer and so is every other program whether it is a very big program or not. Every program starts up in a flash and works smooth. The computer is nice and light-weight. It has a good mouse pad, good keys, and good sound. The Laptop also has a good battery and a good charger that does not wear out or break. You can also add more power easily if you would like. this computer has sticky notes that you can put on the desktop instead of ahving to buy a whole bunch of sticky notes yourself at the store. you can also this computer comes with many other gadgits like a snipping tool to capture things on you computer and games that are pre-loaded onto the computer. This computer works with wireless mice and gaming controls.

Seneca, MO


great balance of size and features


I got this for my gf. She is sort of a computer noobie. Therefore, she doesnt need a powerhouse computer. But, I didnt want to get her something that wouldnt be able to handle all the hd media out there. Enter the asus u30jc. It has a core i3 processor coupled with dynamically switching gfx card to give an added performance boost to play media.  In terms of the form factor, it is quite portable. Id say its somewhere in between an ultra-portable and a workplace laptop. The aluminum lid looks sharp and high-end. Everything feels really sturdy. Not much flex. Keyboard feels really good. It is a chicklet keyboard. One issue is the hyper-sensitivity of the trackpad. I havent attempted to lower the sensitivity using driver software yet. I suspect that may help the issue. Another issue I have with the computer is the glossy screen. GLARE! I dont understand why computer companies continue to make screens like this. 

San Francisco, CA


Asus Notebook PC

4.5 4